Wedding Photography at Rust Manor House, VA
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Wedding Photography at Rust Manor House, VA

As a wedding photographer we come across many wedding traditions. Some of those are newer, while there are still some that have been around for centuries.

This wedding had white doves. The significance of releasing doves is that the bride and the groom start their life's journey together letting go of the past. They also symbolize eternal happiness. 

After saying their wedding vows the bride and groom were given one dove each that they released. Then more doves were set free to fly up into the sky.  

When we as wedding photographers captured the moment we saw a scene within a scene. While the happy couple was releasing their doves the maid of honor, who is terrified of birds crouched down holding her bouquet in front of her face.

Location: Rust Manor House, 802 Childrens Center Rd SW, Leesburg, VA 20175.