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As we have mentioned on this website, we spend a lot of time discussing wedding day plans with our clients. If you hire us as your DC wedding photographers, we will make sure to meet with you in the weeks prior to your nuptials. During that meeting, we will go over your schedule with you in detail. The idea is not to identify or correct any perceived issues in your planning. We are always happy to share our experiences when it comes to the logistics of a marriage celebration, of course. But it is your day and should include everything that you want to experience on it.

The main reason why we go over your schedule with you to ensure that we understand exactly what is going to be happening when. We are documentary DC wedding photographers. That means that we will take pictures of the moments that make your wedding day special. We will focus on the unscripted, real and meaningful things that take place during your marriage celebrations. We will strive to give you images that capture the raw, unfiltered emotions that you and your wedding guests experience.

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To be able to do this for you, we need to know where to be when important events are happening at your Washington DC wedding venues. If you and your future spouse are giving one another gifts prior to the ceremony, we want to be ready to capture those moments on film. If your friends are planning a special dance during your reception, we want to be in the right position to photograph the look on your face. If your nephew is going to bring the rings to the altar, we want to be lying on the floor before he even enters the aisle. Knowing exactly what your plans are minute by minute allows us to get all of these shots.

That said, you hire a documentary Washington DC wedding photographer to get the aforementioned unscripted moments. You want us to capture on film all the things happening at the margins. You want to have reminders of the unpredicted events act brought a tear to your eye or a smile to your face. There is a lot that happens on a wedding day that is unplanned. Do not worry. We recognize this fact and will come prepared for whatever your marriage celebrations might bring our way. We will always be on the lookout for moments that you will want to remember forever. Because we know that those often make for the best pictures.

Adas Israel DC Wedding

Images like this are what is possible when a Washington DC wedding photographer is ready for those unplanned moments. We took it during a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony at Adas Israel Congregation in Northwest DC. The bride and groom had just reentered the room after having performed the customary bedeken, or veiling of the bride. When they reached the chuppah, they planned to circle each other three times in accordance with their religious traditions. Before they were able to start, however, their Adas Israel DC rabbi “called an audible.” She asked them to stand back-to-back and close their eyes. The rabbi then instructed them to silently reflect on the step they were about to take. It was a lovely moment with real emotional depth. You could see the peace and happiness wash over the faces of the bride and groom as they stood in silence. Those emotions might never have had the occasion to come out if it had not been for the rabbi’s surprise changes to the program. Fortunately, we had our lights already set up for the rest of the ceremony, so we were already prepared to preserve the scene on film for the couple. So in addition to getting a picture that showed the emotions they were experiencing at that moment, we also gave them a picture with artistry and visually pleasing symmetry.

Location: Adas Israel Congregation, 2850 Quebec St NW, Washington, DC 20008.

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