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Are you and your future spouse looking for something to take your wedding reception to the next level? If you are, then you might want to think about getting a photo box. It is one of the extra services we are happy to offer you as your DC wedding photographers. More importantly for your wedding planning, a photo box is a way to transform your reception from “pretty fun” to “a night to remember!” It never fails to get guests loosened up and in the mood to party after a wedding ceremony. Every couple who has opted to include one at their reception has raved to us about how much everyone loved it!

Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Just in case you are not familiar with the device, a photo box is a camera setup that your DC wedding photographer can place in a corner of your reception venue. Your guests can then use it to take posed pictures of themselves whenever they take a break from the dance floor. Think of it as a fancier way of taking selfies without having to hold a phone and crowd in so much. And the best part is that the resulting photos are usually available digitally or in print almost immediately!

The photo boxes that we can offer you basically come in three forms. The first is a fully automated machine. You and your wedding guests use a touch screen to set up the shot. Then you strike a pose, and the photo box takes your picture. It is essentially a more modern version of the old photo booths at a carnival. The second option is for us to bring in another Washington DC wedding photographer to create images of your reception attendees with a standard digital camera. This option gives you more flexibility with fitting larger groups into the frame. It also leads to fewer retakes, because you have someone telling you if something does not look right. The third is something of a hybrid of the two — a machine operated by a human being.

Regardless of which format you choose, you are guaranteed to get something that your guests will love. We know, because we have used one ourselves while guests at our friends’ wedding! During our breaks from the dance floor, we would wander over to the photo box and get some pictures with our other friends who were there. Not just pictures, but images in which our fun sides really got a chance to come out! The photos we got of the two of us from that wedding are still some of the ones we love the most in the world.

Wedding Photo Booth Props

So how do you ensure that the photo box is a fun experience for your guests? After all, there is nothing inherently fun about just posing for a picture with your friends, right? Just setting up a camera at a reception is not enough to guarantee that people have fun with it, is it? That is true, of course… Unless you give people a surefire way to make every image silly! And you can do that by making lots of goofy props available for your wedding guests to use!

A standard practice is for the newlyweds to provide a table full of zany items for their guests to use with the photo box. Oversized novelty sunglasses, rainbow wigs, signs with silly messages to you, giant plastic goblets… There is literally no end to the range of fun props you can lay out for your reception guests! And the best part? There are not likely to break your wedding budget. Any party store can give you a couple of bags of feather boas, plastic top hats and fake gold chains for less than $100. And that will be some of the best money you will spend on your wedding. Long after you have forgotten what those items cost, you will still be laughing at the photos of your friends and family looking incredibly silly. And of course, having the time of their lives in the process!

Your guests will obviously fall in love with the props as well. As you can see in the image featured above, they might just hang on to some for the rest of the night. A few that we have held onto at weddings at which we were guests are still in our office at home! They are a great reminder of what fun times we had and how much we enjoyed those wedding receptions.

Andrew Mellon Auditorium Wedding Reception

This father and son clearly enjoyed the props they used in their photo box pictures. They were attending an Indian reception in DC at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, one of the best wedding venues in DC. The bride and groom had set up a photo box in the corner of that venue’s massive and ornate ballroom. Sometime early in the evening, this man and his boy posed for some silly pictures. The former chose a mustache-on-a-stick and the latter a similarly designed smiling mouth. When they sat down to hear the speeches and toasts, they still had those props with them at their table. And they enjoyed them so much that they continued playing with them as the best man, maid of honor and parents of the bride and groom spoke.

We particularly love this image of them goofing around with the props because it is so visually pleasing. Because the son is standing in front of the father, the photograph has a nice depth and three-dimensionality. They are also facing each other, making them almost mirror images of one another. That allows the story to unfold in a very lovely and impactful way. Your eye first settles on the brightest part of the picture: the father’s face. You see the mustache and react with amusement (hopefully!). Then your eyes move to the boy to see what he is doing. En route, they stop on the prop that he is holding. Because that is something that is also something that someone would hold over their mouth, the image has an extra bit of symmetry that looks very nice.

Location: Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, 1301 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20240.

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