Barn Wedding in Northern Virginia
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Barn Wedding in Northern Virginia

Does your dream marriage celebration take place in a gorgeous rustic setting? If so, then you will definitely want to think about planning a barn wedding in Northern Virginia. Your nuptials will be decorated with all the beauty of the natural world. The greens, yellows and browns of the Northern Virginia countryside will give the photos of your outdoor ceremony a splash of color you can’t get at any indoor venue. And a wedding reception inside a lovely old barn? You’ll get the warm and cozy feel that such a location gives your event AND plenty of room for a big, rowdy dance floor.

And the best part of a Northern Virginia barn wedding? You have lots of great options to choose from. So many, in fact, that you are sure to find something that fits your exact aesthetic tastes without having to plumb the depths of a Google search. Many of the farms and wineries that dot the landscape in that part of the Washington DC metro area host marital events. There is even one brewery that does weddings, if that is more your speed. And having photographed couples tying the knot at a lot of the barns in Northern VA, we can tell you that you will not find lovelier sites for your celebrations.

Want an Awesome Barn Celebration? Look for a Leesburg Wedding Venue

Have we piqued your interest in a Northern Virginia barn wedding? Then we encourage you to narrow your venue search even a little more. Check out some of these kinds of venues in and around the town of Leesburg. That DC suburb is something of a mini-hub when it comes to weddings. It has everything you need for an awesome marriage event -- all located within a short distance of the town center. Leesburg is particularly convenient if you have lots of out-of-town guests. It is close to Dulles International Airport, meaning a shorter trip for out of town guests. There are also lots of hotels in and around Leesburg where they can stay the night, should your venue not be able to accommodate them.

Speaking of venues in Leesburg, you will not find a better selection anywhere in the Washington DC metropolitan area. From luxury hotels to country clubs to (of course) barns, you will find something great that fits your particular vision. Perhaps more importantly, you can have your entire marriage celebration -- from the getting-ready to the reception -- without having to travel more than a few miles between the different locations. Of course, you can also just take advantage the convenience Leesburg’s many all-in-one venues offer you.

Though you can find a Leesburg wedding venue that fits just about any aesthetic sensibility, the region’s rustic locations are the ones that shine brightest. The vineyards, farms and manor houses near Leesburg that serve as wedding venues are simply gorgeous. And even the less outdoorsy locations, such as the area’s country clubs and hotels, still embrace the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Vanish Brewery: A Top Venue for Barn Weddings in Northern Virginia

The location that hosted the wedding at which we took this picture is a perfect example of the kind of lovely rustic venue you can find in that part of Northern Virginia. Remember the brewery we mentioned above that hosts weddings? That is the barn wedding venue in Leesburg VA that hosted this particular raucous post-ceremony reception.

As you look for the perfect wedding venue, you will hear the term “hidden gem” thrown around a lot. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery, which sits on a lovely piece of Northern Virginia farmland just 15 minutes from the center of Leesburg, is the rare location that really does earn that reputation. It might just be the best little venue flying under the radar in the DC area.

Vanish Brewery is a truly gorgeous site for a wedding, particularly if you want an outdoor ceremony with a beautiful view of the countryside behind you. Its barn (known as the Creekside Pavilion) is an ideal place for a wedding reception. The wood pillars and beams will give your party a warm and rustic feel. The sides are open, so you will get plenty of fresh air -- an especially valuable thing on a humid Northern Virginia summer night. And perhaps most importantly, there is lots of space inside, meaning your guests have lots of room to go crazy on the dance floor. Like this groomsman and mother of the groom did at this wedding!

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