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Barn Wedding Venues in Virginia

We ensure that you get certain things when you book us as your Northern Virginia wedding photographers. For starters, you get our full commitment to giving you unforgettable pictures of your nuptials. We will do whatever it takes to get shots that tell the story of your wedding day. If we have to lie down on the ground, we will do it. If we have to climb up on something, we will do it. If we have to get wet, we will do it. We want you to have a spectacular reminder of the emotions you will experience during your marriage celebrations. If that requires a bit of discomfort on our part, it is a price we are more than willing to pay. As long as you get images that capture the look and feel of your wedding, that is all that matters.

In the same vein, we also pledge to give you the best possible experience on the day you get married. Weddings can be stressful events for the people involved. A lot of demands are likely to be made of you over the course of the day. You and your future spouse might feel obliged to make sure your guests are enjoying themselves. Many of your friends and family will want a few minutes of your time at some point during the day. Those moments will certainly be precious to you, but the overall effect can be exhausting. In our time as wedding photographers, we have witnessed many couples who have so little time to breathe that they do not end up enjoying their marriage celebrations all that much. To avoid that happening to you, we will do whatever is necessary to make your day easier. If you need water, we will get it for you. If you need help carrying something, we will lend a hand. If you need someone found, we will go looking.

Documentary Northern Virginia Wedding Photography

One thing that we will absolutely not do on your wedding day, though, is stage shots. We want your photos to capture real, genuine emotions. We want them to document the moments that happen during your wedding in whatever way they unfold. No staged photo can have the same emotional impact as one that shows raw and unfiltered feelings.

What we will do instead, though, is create memorable images for you. What we mean by that is that we will find ways to photograph those special moments on your wedding day beautifully. The most important thing is obviously capturing those moments on film for an eternity. But there is no reason a Northern Virginia wedding photographer cannot do that with creativity and style. They do not have to just stand there blindly clicking away as things happen. They can find ways to tell your story that make you cry tears of joy because of the moment and because of the artistry of the photos.

Groom and Groomsmen Photos

This particular image is a great example of how documentary wedding photographers can make a moment both emotionally impactful and beautiful. We took it at a lovely outdoor marriage celebration at Winding Creek Farm, one of the great barn wedding venues in Virginia. The groom, his groomsmen and his sister had just finished getting ready in one of the venue’s smaller side barns. In celebration of his impending nuptials, they went outside and lit up cigars. The group then spent some time swapping stories about the groom. A lot of them focused on the hijinks he and his buddies got themselves into while students at the Air Force Academy. As you can image, they were hilarious! In between these anecdotes, the groom and his entourage would take long pulls on the cigars and blow the smoke into the air above them. It looked effortlessly cool, and we knew that it would make for great photos. At the same time, we knew that pictures of those moments would remind the groom of the laughs he shared with those closest to him. So we waited until the groom took a drag, crouched down in the grass and got this unforgettable picture of him blowing smoke into the blue sky.

Location: Winding Creek Farm, LLC, 14248 Milltown Rd, Lovettsville, VA 20180.

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