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Best Hamburg Wedding Photographers

One of the best things about having your wedding in a foreign locale is the effect it has on your wedding pictures. Destination weddings give you the possibility of having matrimonial photos that are completely new and unique. As much as we would recommend Washington, DC, as a location for your wedding, getting married in a more exotic locale can result in some one-of-a-kind images. Different backdrops and different themes mean that you can get photographs that literally could not happen in the Nation’s Capital.

A destination marriage celebration also spices up your wedding and engagement pictures by challenging your Washington, DC, wedding photographer creatively. Photographing new things or settings forces us to reexamine how we approach our craft. We have to think about what we are doing and not just rely on “muscle memory” to get the shots we want. It sometimes feels like we are doing our jobs for the first time. And that is a good thing for you! It ensures that you get freshest and most creative photographs from your DC wedding photographers.

The opportunity to photograph things we had never captured on film before got us excited to shoot this wedding in Hamburg, Germany. This bride and groom exchanged their vows in a courthouse ceremony not far from the city’s famed riverfront area. Afterwards, the newlyweds traveled across Hamburg to the location of their wedding reception. Witthüs, an adorable and charming little forest cottage and restaurant, was a lovely spot for their post-nuptial celebrations. Their reception was a relatively quiet affair, just a champagne toast and an intimate dinner with close family.

Before sitting down to eat, though, the new husband and wife had us do several hours of couples portraits. That is not a typo. We took pictures of them for almost three hours. As a side note, that was a unique experience for these Washington, DC, wedding photographers. To date, it remains the longest portraiture session we have ever done. It forced us to really get creative with posing to give them fresh and different shots throughout the shoot. Fortunately, the setting gave us more than enough diversity when it came to backgrounds.

The venue that they chose for their post-ceremony pictures was Hirschpark. This huge urban park is actually adjacent to Witthüs, making it a logical choice for this bride and groom’s session. Its appeal as a portraiture venue, however, was not limited to its location. Hirschpark’s acres and acres of Northern German forests were a dream to photograph in. We mean that almost literally. Nearly every part of the park’s wooded areas looked liked something from one of Germany’s most famous literary exports.

When you think of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, you imagine the characters walking through darkened forests. The trees are tall enough to block most of the sunlight. There is little undergrowth impeding the protagonists’ progress toward their destination. The colors are deep and rich. The greens in particularly vibrant, as the forests have clearly received lots of rain. In fact, a soft rain fell during the majority of the shoot.

As you can see in this photo, the woods of Hirschpark have exactly that look and feel. The newlyweds are walking along a dirt path through the forest. On either side of them are massive trees that have probably been there for hundreds of years. The image’s dominant colors are green and brown. They are no ordinary hues, though. They are the greens and browns of the earth and nature.

We took the new husband and wife all over Hirschpark in search of great couples portraits. We took pictures of them cuddling near carefully manicured hedges with delicate pink flowers growing out of them. We captured images of them gazing out on the Elbe River from a break in the foliage. We photographed them dancing at the edge of a glassy pond that created a perfect mirror image of their movements.

Of all the pictures that we took during the lengthy portrait session, though, this was perhaps our favorite. In addition to the fairytale look and feel, there is an intimacy to this picture. Though the couple is not looking at each other, there is an obvious connection between the two. They are holding hands, obviously, but the shy smiles on each face indicate that they are sharing a secret joke. The setting appears to be shrouding them in silence, but words are clearly unnecessary. Each knows how the other feels, and that is more than enough.

Location: Hirsch Park, Elbchaussee, 22587 Hamburg, Germany.

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