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Best Virginia Wedding Photographers

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We love photographing weddings at the growing number of luxurious wineries scattered around the Washington, DC area! Since we first picked up our cameras, we have made integrating the beauty of the natural world into our wedding photography a key component of our philosophy, and DC-area vineyards offer the gorgeous backdrops, the intimate nooks between the leafy vines, the vibrant orange, yellow and red trees in the fall, and many of the other things that make outdoor wedding portraits and candid shots look magical!

Vinery weddings in Virginia

Wineries in Northern Virginia are also really great options for couples looking for elegant but rustic venues in which to get married. Most are conveniently located near the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains, within an hour or so of downtown Washington and not at all far from Washington Dulles International Airport. The popularity of vineyard weddings has been growing so rapidly of late that brides and grooms looking to book such a venue for their special day will have no problem finding something that suits their individual tastes. Many wineries fully embrace the rural setting, offering spaces for marriage ceremonies and receptions in barns or other open locations, whereas others cater to spouses-to-be who want to rough it less and have their nuptial events in more comfortable indoor facilities.

Though growing in popularity, Virginia wines remain a bit of a hidden gem. Growing grapes for wine in the state dates back to the 17th century, but the industry has only really taken off in the past couple of decades. Because of this, a lot of the small, family-owned vineyards in the DC area still make a significant share of their revenue from hosting private events like weddings. What that means for a couple looking to tie the knot in front of beautiful rolling hills lined with rows of grape plants is that you get excellent service from venues that really want you and your family to celebrate your wedding day with them.

The staff at Bluemont Vineyard (where we captured this lovely image of a tear running down the cheek of a bride as her groom reads his vows) is certainly no exception. They took great care of these future spouses throughout the entire day, and (thanks to the winery’s turnkey service) the wedding venue itself was perfect. The winery’s event area is situated partway up a small hill, and marriage ceremonies on its back terrace take place with a beautiful view of the surrounding valley. After we took some lovely portraits of this couple’s first look between the vines, the future husband and wife exchanged their vows with that magnificent vista as the backdrop.

After the newlyweds said, “I do,” the wedding guests moved into the Barn, a former agricultural building that has been modernized and outfitted with the sorts of all-weather amenities that weddings often require. Thanks to these upgrades, the facility feels like a luxury cabin, giving a wedding celebration an outdoorsy vibe without having to be outdoors!

For engaged couples looking for a winery wedding in the Northern Virginia area, we can’t recommend Bluemont Vineyard highly enough and can’t wait to get back there ourselves to take some more pictures!

Location: Bluemont Vineyard, 18755 Foggy Bottom Rd, Bluemont, VA 20135.