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If you are looking at Washington DC wedding venues in the rural areas surrounding the city, you have some great options. We have had the opportunity to work as DC wedding photographers at some truly beautiful locations in suburban Maryland and Virginia. Towns in those areas are chockfull of rustic farms that we would recommend to any couple planning a barn wedding. There are also many beautiful wineries in the region if you want to tie the knot surrounded by lovely grapevines. Because most of those vineyards are in Northern Virginia, they also offer you scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The chance to taste some of the most delicious wines in the region is obviously another great selling point!

Brewery Wedding Venues

Not everyone loves wine, of course. You might be a Washington-area bride or groom who wants a venue themed around a different adult beverage. Perhaps you prefer a cold beer to a glass of wine? If so, there are plenty of breweries in and around DC in which you and your beloved can exchange your wedding vows. The majority, however, are located either in downtown Washington or in the city’s highly urbanized inner ring of suburbs. So finding a brewery in a rural setting is a bit of a challenge.

Fortunately, there is a least one great option if you want a brewery matrimony set in the beauty of nature. Waredaca Brewing Company is a lovely wedding venue set in the rolling green hills of the area outside of the Nation’s Capital. Located on a horse farm in Laytonsville, Maryland, is only about an hour’s drive from downtown Washington. That setting means you can exchange your wedding vows amid some of the finest natural beauty DC has to offer. You and your wedding guests can then enjoy some tasty craft beers during your wedding reception!

The property on which the brewery currently sits was originally home to the Waredaca rural Maryland co-educational residential camp. As such, the name “Waredaca” (which the brewery later inherited) was a portmanteau created from “Washington Recreational Day Camp.” In the years that followed, the Waredaca property transitioned from a day camp to a horse farm. It eventually became one of the best facilities for equestrian eventing and riding lessons in the Washington DC area.

The Waredaca Brewing Company is also a great choice if environmental protection is important to you. Just like the horse farm with which it shares the property, the venue is committed to sustainable business practices. For example, it reuses an existing building and minimizes disturbance to the surrounding land. Waredaca has refined its brewing practices to limit water usage and carbon dioxide emissions. It also gives the spent grain generated during the brewing process to local farmers for use as animal feed. The brewing company uses ingredients grown on the property in its beer and plants new fruit trees around the farm. Finally, it uses only reusable, recyclable or compostable products in its tasting room.

Same Sex Wedding in the DC Metro Area

This same-sex couple booked Waredaca Brewing Company for their nuptials partly because of this approach to these social issues. Truth be told, they and their wedding guests were also serious aficionados of good beer. That is why, prior to their outdoor wedding ceremony, the two spent a few quiet minutes in the tasting room. Before tying the knot on the green lawn behind Waredaca’s brewery, the two enjoyed a craft beer in private.

Best Washington DC Wedding Photographer Same Sex

Best Wedding Photographers DC

We captured the image featured here during their wedding reception after their lovely and touching exchange of vows. The party was a rollicking affair in a tent set up behind the space where they held their ceremony. Before the celebrations started in earnest, though, this same-sex couple entertained their guests with a carefully choreographed first dance. The highlight of that part of their wedding day was when one bride pulled the other close. The first then twirled her new wife around and dipped her low to the ground. As their wedding guests cheered and celebrated, we stepped closer and got the moment on film. The result was one of the best pictures one of us has ever taken as a Washington DC wedding photographer.

Location: Waredaca Brewing Company, 4017 Damascus Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20882, USA.

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