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Best Wedding Photographers in Maryland

Just like you, your Baltimore wedding deserves the best. The best wedding venue, best wedding planner and the best caterer. And of course, you definitely deserve to have the best wedding photographers in Maryland there to document your celebrations for you.

Ensuring that you get the very best professionals to photograph your wedding is the most important part of your planning. Ok, we are not the least bit objective here! We acknowledge that other things matter quite a lot as well. But before you dismiss our (definitely biased) point of view, consider this. The moments that happen at your wedding will come and go in an instant. Afterwards, they will only live on in your memories. The problem is that those memories will fade over time. Think for a moment about a really important event from your childhood. Do you remember what the food tasted like? Our bet is probably not. Unfortunately, the same thing will happen with your wedding-day memories.

Unless, that is, you have beautiful photographs that allow you to relive those special moments! Pictures that take you back in time. Photos that make you re-feel the emotions you felt when you tied the knot. Images that only the best photographers in Maryland can produce for you.

Qualities of the Best Wedding Photographers in Maryland

Hopefully, we have sold you on the importance of hiring photographers who will do your marriage celebrations justice. But, you might be wondering, what should you be looking for when flipping through the portfolios of potential candidates? How will you know that a particular Baltimore wedding photographer can give you images that will allow you to relive your wedding day in 30 years? What are the qualities that all of the best wedding photographers in Maryland share?

In our opinion, there are three things to look for. First, the photographers’ portfolio should demonstrate a mastery of lighting. Second, their compositions should be perfect. Finally, the best wedding photographers in Maryland should show that they capture moments that matter.

Perfect Lighting

Photography is the art of painting with light. Light is literally the basis for the entire art form. The photography part is just capturing how it illuminates or does not illuminate a scene.

But you do not care about that at all. What you care about is that your photographs capture the wedding-day memories that you want to preserve and that they make you look good in the process, right? Well, it turns out that light and the mastery of it are critical to giving you those things.

Using light to make you look beautiful is a pretty straightforward process. The best wedding photographers in Maryland know that it is all about making sure soft, even and flattering light illuminates you. And while we cannot ensure that that will be the case throughout your wedding day, we have lots of ways of altering the light to make you look your best. Sometimes it is as simple as just photographing you from a different angle. Other times, we will use artificial lighting to get the job done. Either way, we are always going to be thinking about how the light is making you look.

Using light to tell your wedding’s story is a different exercise entirely. When we do that, we actually try to make the light less even. The idea is to use the difference between the lighted and shadowed areas of the frame to draw attention to what we want to highlight. Your eye naturally goes to the brightest part of a scene. So the best wedding photographers in Maryland will make sure that that is the most important element in the picture. And if that is you, do not worry that the contrast will make you look bad! We will make sure that the light is still flattering!

Artful Compositions

Building on that last point, effectively communicating the story of a moment from your wedding day depends a lot on how your photographer composes the image. How their eye constructs the scene determines whether a viewer understands and feels what is happening. What they leave in and what they cut out. How they arrange the elements in the frame. What they focus on. These are what make a photo impactful or not.

Differences in composition can be subtle, though. By contrast, it is easy for a non-photographer to figure out whether the lighting in a photo works. Just note where your eye goes when you first look at the image. And then ask yourself if that is where it ought to be going, given the story in the picture. Look also at whether you like how the subjects are lit. Pretty straightforward, right?

Determining whether the composition works is not so easy. That is more about the subjective feeling the photo leaves you with. That said, there are a few tips we can offer you as you flip through portfolios looking for the best wedding photographers in Maryland.

First, take note of what is happening in the frame. Is the moment easy to understand? Do you know what the people photographed are doing? Second, ask yourself what the emotional tenor of the scene is. Is it immediately clear? Do you feel some of what the subjects feel even though you were not there? Third, look for any elements that are pulling your attention from the moment. Are there any stray objects that you cannot help but notice? Are there any people who do not belong or whose emotional energy is inconsistent with the rest of the scene?

Meaningful Moments

A photo can have the best lighting imaginable and communicate its story perfectly. But that means nothing if the moment it captures does not matter. It will be beautiful but empty. It will tell a story but mean nothing in 30 years. That is why the best wedding photographers in Maryland produce images of the kinds of moments you will want to remember forever.

Figuring out whether a photographer’s portfolio captures meaningful wedding-day moments is very simple. All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of the people whose marriage celebrations those images immortalize. Then ask yourself whether the scenes photographed are ones that you would care about. Would it matter to you whether your photographers got them on film or not? Would you want to remember those moments in 30 years?

Best Wedding Photographers in Maryland at the QG Baltimore

In our opinion, this particular image has all three of the elements mentioned above. The lighting is perfect. Where does your eye go first? The brightness of the shaving cream, which is clearly central to the story playing out in the image. Furthermore, the light on this groom-to-be casts no unflattering shadows.

The composition is also very effective. The story is simple, of course. He is getting a traditional hot-towel shave at the Quinnessential Gentleman (not a typo), an upscale men’s club in Baltimore, before his wedding. What he is doing is clear. More importantly, how he feels at that moment is obvious, thanks to the clear view of his face the composition offers. Finally, there are no elements anywhere in the frame that pull your attention from the picture’s story.

The look on the groom’s face is what makes the moment captured one that matters. It shows that he is serene and at peace. He is going to be marrying the love of his life in a few short hours, and he is not one bit nervous. He is calm and in the moment. So what would have been an ordinary, forgettable photo of him getting ready becomes a story about how he felt on his wedding day. He and his future wife are definitely going to want to remember that in 30 years! And that is something that only the best wedding photographers in Maryland can give you.

Location: The QG, 31 S Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

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