Even though Igor hadn’t given her an engagement ring yet, Brianna knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and was more than ready to start documenting their love. She asked me to take pictures of them in the snow, which fortunately, lingered on the DC ground longer than usual this year.
Igor was uncomfortable at first, but gazing at his ladylove relaxed him, and soon the couple forgot I was even there. As the session progressed, it felt less and less posed, and more as though I had stumbled on a couple on a romantic walk in a wintery wood.
After we finished up outdoors, we came back to Bria and Igor’s house to get some shots with their cat, Alice. The timing proved perfect, because we ended up taking beautiful silhouettes of the couple in front of a glorious sunset.
As a perfect postscript to this lovely shoot, Igor surprised Brianna with the perfect engagement ring two weeks later. Just like the wonderful photos of the two, the ring is a physical manifestation of their love and the start of a lifetime together.