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Have you had to postpone your wedding due to the global coronavirus pandemic? If so, please know that our hearts go out to you. As wedding and engagement photographers in Washington DC, we know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into planning a dream wedding. As a married couple, we understand how devastating it can be to have all of that upended. The good news is that weddings in 2021 (for the moment) are proceeding as normal. Many DC wedding venues are rescheduling postponed 2020 events to dates next year.

Schedule A Session With Engagement Photographers in Washington DC Now!

In the meantime, we encourage you to start thinking about scheduling your engagement session. Though you might still have a year before your marriage celebrations, that time can slip away quickly. And with many couples rescheduling their wedding to next year, engagement session dates are filling up pretty quickly. So the sooner you get your engagement pictures on the calendar of your engagement photographers in Washington DC, the sooner you can breathe easy and turn to other parts of your wedding planning. With that in mind, please reach out to us as soon as possible to start talking about your session!

Why Do A Photoshoot With Engagement Photographers in Washington DC?

Haven’t booked an engagement session with a DC wedding photographer? Now might be a good time to consider one. The global coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to rethink their wedding plans and sometimes rework their wedding photography contracts. So why not use that as an opportunity to reexamine your plans? More specifically, why not reconsider having an engagement photoshoot? Because an hour spent with engagement photographers in Washington DC can have some great benefits for you.

  • Beautiful photos. A no-brainer, right? An engagement photoshoot can give you some stunning pictures to share with friends, use in your new save-the-date cards or put on your mantle. We can promise that you will not regret taking the opportunity to get more photos of the two of you together. Our colleagues have taken “engagement” photos of us several times in the past couple of years, and we love having those images.
  • Increased comfort being photographed. One thing we learned from those experiences? It is weird being photographed! Posing for engagement pictures is not always very natural. Staring into your partner’s eyes for five uninterrupted minutes is not something most people do very often. But posing does get easier with practice. So having your picture taken by your engagement photographers in Washington DC before your marriage celebrations makes everything easier on your wedding day.
  • Increased comfort with your engagement photographers in Washington DC. Similarly, being photographed gets a lot easier when you know your photographers well. Spending an hour chatting with us while we take your picture can make your wedding-day couples portrait experience so much nicer. We won’t be two strangers who you’ve video chatted with a few times. We’ll be Anji and Pete, two people you already know. You’ll feel more relaxed and get better images as a result.

Engagement Photos During Coronavirus

With the world still in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, you might have concerns about scheduling a session with engagement photographers in Washington DC right now. We understand those worries completely and are committed to doing our work in a safe and responsible way. The last thing we would ever want is for you or us to get sick because of your engagement shoot. With that in mind, here are the precautions we are taking during every engagement session:

  • Scheduling only outdoor photoshoots. The latest science-based guidelines indicate that being outside greatly reduces the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. For that reason, we are not doing any indoor engagement sessions for the time being. The good news is that the summer, fall and even the winter are great for outdoor engagement photoshoots in the Washington DC. We know the metro area like the backs of our hands and can give you dozens of great suggestions for outdoor locations.
  • Maintaining proper social distancing. The other reason why we will only do outdoor engagement sessions is because wide open spaces make keeping a safe distance easier. Throughout your photoshoot, these engagement photographers in Washington DC will keep at least six feet from you at all times. Much as we might like to give you a hug after the session, we’ll save that for another day!
  • Wearing masks. During COVID weddings, we wear always masks for the protection of our clients and ourselves. We’ve gotten pretty used to it, so wearing them during the hour or so we spend photographing you for your engagement is no big deal. It is a small price to pay to ensure you and we remain safe and healthy,


Couple posing in front of the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden in the Nation's Capital by Potok's World Photography, engagement photographers in Washington DC

Engagement session in a golden field with couple posing by Washington DC engagement photographers Potok's World Photography

Engagement session at Omni Shoreham Hotel by Washington DC wedding and engagement photographers of Potok's World Photography

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