Wedding traditions

When we photograph intimate weddings, we love observing how our couples find their own personal ways. They involve their families in their nuptials. Whether in the Washington, DC area, Virginia or elsewhere in the world, every family is a little different. A different shape or size, from a different background or preserving and carrying on different traditions. The family involvement in the wedding give us a chance to photograph the moments and emotions that are so special to our clients. And it also gives every marriage ceremony its own individual character. The families really do make each wedding unique and special.

Lori and Tony’s Wedding

Lori and Tony’s marriage at Malones of Manassas in Virginia was the second for each. That meant that multiple generations came together to celebrate their love. Their children, for example, played important roles in the wedding. And it was an honor and a pleasure for us to photograph the special moments that played out among them during the course of the afternoon. The way that Lori whispered loving words in her son’s ear just before they entered the venue together, the high-fives he then exchanged with other attendees as he walked her down the aisle, and the happiness with which Tony’s teenaged sons watched their dad say “I do” to the woman he loves all expressed how much they meant to one another.

The bride’s and groom’s adult siblings naturally played very different roles in celebrating Lori and Tony’s union. The ceremony was relatively short, leaving plenty of time for lots of socializing in Malones’ bar and restaurant. The couple’s siblings were the life of the party portion of the event. They teased the couple with stories from the old days and laughing raucously during their speeches.

The highlight of their families’ involvement in Lori and Tony’s wedding, though, was certainly the attendance of the groom’s elderly mother. It was clear to all how much it meant to Tony that she was able to witness him tying the knot. And that he was able to get photographs with her and his children at such an important moment in his life.

Family was such a big part of this wedding, in fact, that the entire event felt more like a joyful family reunion than a marriage ceremony. And Malones of Manassas proved to be a great venue and a perfect fit for this kind of low-key, intimate affair. Housed inside the old Manassas Presbyterian Church, Malones’ bar area is roomy enough to accommodate a large gathering. The homeyness of the space and the friendliness of the staff, however, help guests feel like they are just sharing a drink with their families, friends or neighbors at the pub down the street.

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