Every wedding is “about” love, of course. More specifically, the love that brings the bride and groom to the altar and that will bind them together through a lifetime of highs and lows.

But a marriage is also about the love evident in the little stories, moments and subplots occurring beneath the surface and often away from the limelight. Lauren and Tyler’s nuptials were an emotional celebration of the abundant devotion to each other that brought them to Lake Lure, North Carolina, but the many smaller vignettes that played out during the day added extra little touches of magic and made the event that much more unique, joyful and memorable. The affection and care that Lauren showed to Ella, her future stepdaughter. The presentation of gifts in recognition of Tyler’s service to his country and the literal, physical sacrifice he made for it. The quiet strength of the groom, who ignored a painful infection and donned his prosthetic legs so that he would be standing at the altar when his bride walked down the aisle. The easy jokes among Tyler and his groomsmen revealing a bond among brothers that was somehow ordinary and deeply profound at the same time. The joyful tears that spilled from the bride’s eyes at the thought of her man, and those her bridesmaids shed when they saw how happy he makes her.  All of these things are what we will remember when we think of Lauren and Tyler saying “I do.”

Special thanks to Michael A. Anderson Photography for allowing us to collaborate on this lovely event.



Bridal dress - Lake Lure




Lake Lure - Wedding - Bridal Details


North Carolina - Lake Lure - Wedding - Groom - Groomsmen


Rumbling Bald Resort - North Carolina - Wedding - War Veteran - Groom


Rumbing Bald Resort - Wedding - Bride - Getting ready




North Carolina - Wedding - Groom letter












Rumbing Bald Resort - Nuptuals - Ceremony - Dog


Lake Lure - Wedding - Ceremony - Flower Girl-3


Lake Lure - Wedding - Ceremony - Bride and Father


Lake Lure - Wedding - Wedding - Aisle - Groom




Lake Lure - Wedding -Ella




North Carolina - Wedding - Bride and Bridesmaides


Lake Lure - Wedding -Bride and Groom






Lake Lure - Wedding - Father daughter dance


North Carolina Wedding - Mother -Son Dance


Destination Wedding - War Veteran


Lake Lure - Wedding - Army - Dog


Rumbing Bald Resort - Wedding - Cake


Lake Lure - Wedding -Army Dog_


Lake Lure - Wedding -Reception


Rumbing Bald Resort - Wedding - Exit