November 29, 2014

Jerel planned one of the most romantic proposals that I have ever heard of. Monique’s mother, Victoria, is an author. When Jerel heard that Victoria was working on a story about a young couple that was getting engaged, he got in touch with her and solicited her help in planning a perfect proposal for her daughter. 
Victoria agreed and got to work setting Monique up. She told her daughter that she was stuck and needed help in writing the engagement scene for her story. Monique then described her ideal proposal and even sent her mom a picture of what her dream ring would look like.

Armed with this “inside” knowledge, Jerel took Monique out for lunch in Georgetown. While they were there, two of their friends snuck over to the Waterfront and adorned lampposts with Monique’s baby pictures. After lunch, Jerel suggested that they stop off at Georgetown Cupcakes to get some dessert. (If you have ever been there, you know that if you haven’t ordered ahead, you will be waiting outside for a while before getting a bite of their delicious cakes.) Imagine Monique’s surprise, then, when they went straight to the door and picked up some cupcakes.

They then decided to take a stroll on Waterfront, where they just happened to wander past those lampposts that their friends had decorated. And there, with the Potomac River in the background, Jerel bent down to “tie his shoe”………..
Monique and Jerel, thank you for letting me document your love on camera!

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