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Breathtaking Virginia Sky Wedding Photography

Is there a more breathtaking backdrop for a wedding portrait than the sky? Not in our opinion! No matter what the sky looks like, it’s going to add beauty and grandeur to your pictures. With a sunset turning it orange, yellow and red? You’ll get stunningly colorful images! Painted with the deep blue of a perfect summer afternoon? Your photos will radiate joy! Dotted with millions of twinkling stars? Your portraits will be awe-inspiring! Even filled with foreboding storm clouds? You’ll receive pictures that hint at powerful and majestic forces that are bigger than all of us… like love! With that in mind, we’ll try to take at least one picture of you with the heavens expanding behind you. One like this breathtaking sky wedding portrait!

Why Sky Wedding Photos Are So Breathtaking

Why are wedding pictures with the sky soaring above you so captivating? There are a few reasons:

  • The grandeur. It can sometimes be hard to explain, but there is something sublime about the natural world. Something that touches the primitive parts of our brains and inspires awe in us. It’s why we love the view from atop a tall mountain. Or why the open sea both beckons and intimidates us. The sky offers a similar endlesses and infiniteness. So a photo of you surrounded by its majesty? It can’t help but impress.
  • The natural beauty. All the poetry aside, we’re attracted to nature for a much more basic reason. It’s beautiful! And what looks better than the sky? Whether red, yellow, orange, blue or gray, the heavens are simply stunning. And they bring that to any wedding picture of you in front of them.
  • The focus on you. As gorgeous as the heavens are, they are a bit of a blank slate. Even the sky is lit up by a beautiful sunrise or filled with fluffy white clouds, it has a certain uniformity that doesn’t distract you from other things in the frame. Which makes it perfect for wedding photos, in which the two of you need to be the main attraction!

Captivating Wedding Portraits Under the Virginia Sky

We hope that this portrait that we took at a wedding in Richmond VA illustrates how dramatically breathtaking sky photos can be. We’d like to think that it has awe-inspiring grandeur and highlights the beauty of rural Virginia. And at the same time, we believe that none of that takes the attention away from the couple who tied the knot that day.

On that particular topic, there are a couple of things that we did to make sure that the newlyweds stand out in the frame. And we’ll do for you when we take similar pictures of the two of you! Here is how we make that happen:

Getting you up high

The key to really dramatic wedding portraits with the sky as the backdrop is elevation. For a couple of reasons. First, it gets you clear of the horizon, which is typically full of trees and other distracting elements. Being up on a hill (or a bench or anything else that’s off the ground) typically puts you directly in front of the gorgeous canvas that is the sky. That’s why we had these newlyweds climb up onto this ridge.

Framing you with something

Ok, we realize how that sounds. No, we are not going to set you up to take the fall for a crime! To really make sure that you stand out, we’ll use other elements of the scenery to isolate you. In the case of this couple, we positioned the newlyweds in between a few of the trees peeking above the horizon. So your eyes go straight to them.

Lighting you up

The one potential downside to the sky as a backdrop is that it can be extremely bright during the day and extremely dark at night. That presents a little bit of a challenge photographically speaking.

To get you to show up in the picture with a sky lit by the midnight sun, we have to make the heavens so bright that they become little more than a white sheet. Which means you lose all the beautiful colors. Similarly, it’s hard to get you to show up at all in front of a night sky. At least without external lighting! So we’ll either set up a flash in front or behind you. During the day, the former will illuminate you so that we can bring the sky’s colors into the picture. At night, lighting you that way will bring you out of the darkness.

Setting up a flash behind you will silhouette you against the sky in a striking way. And during the day, we don’t even always have to use artificial lighting. We can just have the sun do the job! If we put you in front of the sun – like we did for this couple at their Virginia House wedding – the silhouette will happen naturally!

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