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City Club of Washington Wedding Photographer

We pledge to give you two things if you engage us as your DC wedding photographers. The first is excellent customer service. You deserve to be happy with every aspect of your wedding photography. You should love, love, love the images themselves, obviously. They need to allow you and your future spouse to relive and re-experience every beautiful moment from your wedding day. That is, after all, why you hire folks like us to document your marriage celebrations!

Best Customer Service

But stunning pictures are not enough. You must also be satisfied with the overall experience of having your wedding or engagement pictures taken. For that to happen, your Washington DC wedding photographer needs to start by listening to your concerns. They must be open to hearing about your worries or any special circumstances that you are facing. As you talk with them, you should also feel free to ask them any questions that you might have. They must understand that this is probably a new experience for you.

Naturally, your Washington DC wedding photographer needs to do more than just listen. How they respond to your needs is no less important. They should take the time to answer every one of your questions fully and completely. The way that they address your needs should exceed every one of your expectations. This is especially true if there are aspects of their work about which you are less than satisfied. In those cases, they must correct the problem and leave you feeling that they took you seriously. In short, you should come away from the whole experience feeling that your wedding photographers took care of you. We promise to give you every ounce of effort we have to make that happen.

The other thing we pledge to give you is our uncompromising pursuit of photographs that tell your love story. From time to time, a wedding guests has remarked that we seem to never set our cameras down. It is one of the best compliments we have ever received. The only one that means more to us is when we get positive feedback about our customer service. The reason we appreciate it so much is because it recognizes the effort we put in for our clients as their DC wedding photographers. Throughout your wedding day, we will not stop looking for moments that define your relationship and who you are as a couple. Neither we nor you know exactly when those will occur. They could happen while you are exchanging your rings. They could happen right after your first look. They could happen at the end of the night when you give one another one last tired hug. They could happen at any of your Washington DC wedding venues. They could come when you expect them or when nobody sees them coming. Regardless of when, we will always have our cameras ready to capture them when they happen.

Same Sex Wedding

For this couple, one of the many moments that encapsulated their relationship occurred during their first dance. Their wedding was one of the most happily touching marriage celebrations that we have ever photographed. Nearly every part of their ceremony and reception at The City Club of Washington, an upscale venue in downtown DC, had their guests laughing, crying or doing both simultaneously. Their first dance was no exception. After they entered the reception space to their guests’ thunderous applause and their wedding party’s raucous cheers, they proceeded directly into a delightful, choreographed routine. Everything about the dance, from the music (“Stuck On You” by Meiko) to the choreography was sweet and touching — just like the relationship between these two brides. No picture that we took of their first dance showed that better than this one, though. Everything about it radiates sweetness and love. The body language shows connection even though they are not physically touching. The posing, which could have come across as cheesy, looks utterly adorable. And most of all, the smiles on their faces show how happy they are to be with one another.

Location: The City Club of Washington, 555 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20004.

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