Creative Wedding Portrait at Eaton DC
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Creative Wedding Portrait at Eaton DC

TL;DR Angles are the key to creative wedding photos. The Eaton DC offers tons of great ones!

We want to give every single one of our couples creative wedding portraits. Why? Because their love story is unique and one-of-a-kind. Just like yours! There are no two people on earth like you and your future spouse. No one else shares your connection; no one else shares your history. So telling your love story requires giving you pictures unlike any other. And that means your DC wedding photographers need to bring every ounce of our inventive powers to the couples portraits portion of your day. Like we did for these newlyweds at Eaton DC on K Street NW in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. We took advantage of that hotel’s unique spaces to give their portraiture a look and feel that was as special as their love!

What Makes This a Creative Wedding Portrait?

The angle! Have you ever noticed how the majority of wedding portraits are taken from eye level? It makes sense, right? Most of the time, your wedding photographers are standing up with their cameras at their faces. And that straight-on, vanilla works when they’re taking portraits that your grandmother will put on her mantel. But when it comes to telling your unique love story, you need something better. Creative wedding portraits that look like no other and no one else’s. And that requires your photographers looking at things from a new perspective. In our experience, a more daring and dramatic angle is one of the best ways to do this. Getting up above you or getting down below you can utterly transform a portrait from something ordinary to something unforgettable.

To give this couple that something special, we decided to take advantage of Eaton DC’s unique space. (More on that below!) Not far from the hotel’s entrance is a square spiral staircase that connects the ground and second floors. Structures like that always make wedding portraits more visually interesting. Whether we take the pictures from above or below, the stairs frame the couple perfectly and draw your eye to them.

There are plenty of spaces in the Nation’s Capital that have cool spiral staircases like this. (The Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium is one of our favorites.) The Eaton DC’s spiral staircase has a fun little “extra” feature, though, that gives innovative photos a romantic twist. At the base of the stairs is an intimate reading nook where couples can sit and cuddle. That adds a sense of intimacy and a “happened upon a private” moment feel to the portraits. And the comfy cushions make the process of getting your couples pictures taken a little more easier and enjoyable!

How the Eaton DC Can Give Your Wedding Photography Creativity

If creative wedding photography is something that is important to you, then the Eaton DC is a great spot to get ready for your marriage celebrations. The spiral staircase is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cool couples portrait locations that are in and around the hotel. Here’s a quick list of places where your DC wedding photographers can give you really innovative portraiture:

  • The front door. The bare-bulb, theater-style lights under the overhang jutting out above the sidewalk give portraits taken there a “Hollywood movie premiere” vibe. We got some pictures of this bride and groom looking like a celebrity couple when they emerged from the hotel.
  • The stones across the street. In front of a nondescript office building are a line of five irregularly shaped rocks of different heights. They are a perfect spot for creating dramatic angles in couples portraits! At this particular wedding, we took advantage of that unique feature while taking portraits of the groom and groomsmen.
  • The rooftop music venue. Looking for an indoor/outdoor space with cool murals on the walls and a great view of downtown DC? Wild Days, the restaurant/concert area on the rooftop of the Eaton DC, gives you exactly that versatility in your portraits. (Unfortunately, this option is only available in the evenings, when Wild Days is open.)
  • The coffee shop. One of our favorite ways to inject creativity into wedding photos is to use reflective surfaces. The various mirrors that adorn the walls of Baker’s Daughter, a café/market on the ground floor, make creating inventive portraits of you sharing a private moment in one of its many nooks quite easy. We took some of our favorite creative pictures of this couple reflected in those surfaces.


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Location: Eaton DC, 1201 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States.

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