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As you are no doubt learning, the cost of a wedding is not insignificant. One of the best things about marrying in the Nation’s Capital is the quality of the service providers. Washington DC wedding venues rank among the very best in the world. The city’s wedding planners, DJs, bands, caterers and florists are also of the highest quality. We would like to think that Washington DC wedding photographers are not too shabby! Yes, marrying in the Nation’s Capital means you have fantastic options for every aspect of your wedding. But that quality is not cheap. Whether you are paying or your family is helping out, a DC wedding is a major financial commitment. So you deserve wedding photos that do justice to what you spend. To make sure that happens, we suggest that you consider hiring a DC luxury wedding photographer to document your marriage celebrations.

Luxury Weddings in the Washington DC Area

Now, your first thought might be that “luxury” does not fit the aesthetic you have planned for your wedding. Not everyone wants to tie the knot at an elegant hotel in downtown Washington DC. Perhaps a barn wedding in Northern Virginia fits your and your future spouse’s sensibilities better. Or maybe a marriage celebration at a brewery in suburban Maryland is more your style. Or it could be that an offbeat art gallery feels right to you.

Even if those types of weddings are more what you are looking for, we still recommend looking for a DC luxury wedding photographer to document your nuptials. Why? Because to us, luxury has nothing to do with a price tag. Nor does it have to do with how fancy the decorations are. Nor whether the guests are wearing tuxes and evening gowns.

No, in our opinions, luxury is more a measure of the work and care that goes into preparing something. To us, the more effort that goes into planning something, the more luxurious the final product is. So with that in mind, we believe that every wedding is a luxury wedding. Yes, we know that sounds a bit cliched. But every spouse-to-be whom we have photographed has put a huge amount of time, energy and (often) money into planning theirs. They have done everything they can to make sure every aspect is perfect. And if that does not make their event luxurious, we do not know what does.

Washington DC Luxury Wedding Photographer

Given how much effort you will have put into your marriage celebrations, you deserve wedding photos that show them off. And that is why we suggest hiring a DC luxury wedding photographer to document your nuptials. Again, we are not talking about the ones with the highest prices or the most glamorous portfolio. We mean the ones who appreciate the work you will have done to make your wedding luxurious. The Washington DC wedding photographers whose work shows every aspect of your wedding -- the venue, the decorations, your dress, your shoes, your hair, your makeup, YOU -- looking its very best. Because if you find photographers like that, your photos will make everything look like a million dollars, no matter what you actually spent.

Luxury Bridal Portrait by DC Wedding Photographer

This particular photo is from a marriage celebration at an actual luxury wedding venue in downtown DC. The St. Regis Washington D.C. is one of the swankiest and most elegant locations for weddings in the Nation’s Capital. But the luxury in this picture has nothing to do with the setting. If we had not told you, could you have guessed where we took it? No, this bride could have posed for this picture just about anywhere. What makes this bridal portrait luxurious is something that is not immediately obvious. It is the smile on the lovely woman’s face.

A smile is a pretty strange measure of luxury, right? Not according to how we look at it. As we mentioned above, luxury is about looking the best it is possible to look. And when a bride smiles a relaxed, peaceful, satisfied smile like this, you know that her wedding day is exactly how she imagined it. Her DC wedding venue has exceeded all of her expectations. She looks perfect. Her hair, makeup and dress are exactly as she dreamed about as a child. Every important person in her life is there by her side. And most importantly, she is marrying the one who loves her most in the whole world. The one she was meant to spend her entire life with. So everything is right in the world; everything is luxurious. And she had a DC luxury wedding photographer on hand to bring that out in her portraiture.

Additional Images by a DC Luxury Wedding Photographer

Below are some additional images from this bride’s gorgeous St Regis DC wedding. If you are interested in learning more about that particular luxury wedding venue, please click here.

St Regis DC Luxury Wedding Photographer

Washington DC Area Luxury Wedding Photographer

Location: The St. Regis Washington D.C., 923 16th And, K St NW, Washington, DC 20006.

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