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For a Washington DC wedding photographer, sometimes perspective means everything. The best matrimonial photographs often result from our ability to see a marriage celebration unfold in a completely novel way. Almost every guest at a wedding witnesses the day’s events from eye level. A collection of pictures like that gives you and your future spouse a record of the day, but not a lot more. A DC wedding photographer who finds unique perspectives on the proceedings, however, can give you something new, different and special. We take an ordinary-looking wedding-day scene like this one at L2 Lounge DC and transform it into an unforgettable image. The kind that newlyweds like you will treasure forever.

Creative Wedding Photo from Reception at L2 Lounge DC

We consider this image to be an example of that. We photographed it during a wedding reception at the L2 Lounge & Events Venue in Georgetown in the heart of Washington DC. The bride and groom exchanged their vows at the Church of the Holy City near Dupont Circle. Afterwards, they and their wedding guests reconvened at L2 Lounge DC for the more festive parts of the matrimonial celebration. It was at that swankiest of DC wedding venues that the newlyweds cut their cake.

As we mentioned above, our goal as Washington DC wedding photographers is to give you couples photos that show how unique your love is. Traditional shots of newlyweds standing face-to-face while feeding each other wedding cake are nice but do not stand out. In our opinion, every couple deserves something much more spectacular!

To give this particular couple an image as special as their love story, we decided to crouch down and point our cameras up at them. This change in perspective created a whole new way of seeing that scene play out at L2 Lounge DC. The resulting images were very visually pleasing. But more importantly, they subtly highlighted something very important about them, their relationship and that day. The bride and groom appear physically intertwined in the pictures. Their criss-crossing arms create something like an infinite loop, running from the wedding cake to the other’s mouth and back. That creates an unbroken connection between them. So they are not two separate people like they were the day before. They are now one united entity moving forward together toward the future.

Magical Moment at L2 Lounge DC Wedding Reception

As visually pleasing and meaningful as the “posing” of the bride and groom is, it is not what truly sets this image apart. Any superlative Washington DC wedding photographer will tell you that the best pictures almost always have some element that catches the eye or completes a scene. Something that makes you stop and pay attention.

What they might not tell you (but we will) is that those elements are often outside the control of the photographer. To put it more plainly, sometimes they are the result of simple luck. Wedding days are often chaotic and unpredictable. Things happen in unexpected ways. And the true mark of a Washington DC wedding photographer is not their ability to control those events. No, it is their skill at weaving them into the photos they create. And using them to tell your story in more effective ways.

In the case of this particular image from L2 Lounge DC, the special and unpredicted element was the bride and groom’s daughter. This irrepressible little girl stole the show throughout the entire marriage celebration, appearing in many of the best photos. Her presence added spontaneity and life to the proceedings. It also served as a visual reminder of the love that brought the bride and groom to the altar. Their lives were not complete without her, so it was fitting that she played a huge role in their matrimony.

In that vein, it is her popping into their cake-feeding at L2 Lounge DC was entirely fitting. It is also what made the photo something special. A picture of a bride and groom that is unique and visually pleasing suddenly became personal. And in our opinion, a photo that is both beautiful to look at and deeply meaningful is the best reminder of a wedding day.

Location: L2 Lounge & Events Venue, 3315 Cady's Alley NW, Washington, DC 20007.

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