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TL;DR When it comes to imaginative wedding portraits, your venue doesn't matter as much as you think. We can create magic in any location!

Couples frequently ask us whether we’ve photographed weddings at their venue before. It’s a very understandable question, and we get the feelings that underlies it. They worry that their wedding photographers won’t know how to make the best of the space. That the lighting challenges will prove insurmountable. That in short, they won’t get photos that they’ll treasure forever. All very natural concerns. What we tell them, though, is that experienced wedding photographers don’t need to have worked at their venue before. You could plop us down anywhere, and we would find a way to preserve your wedding-day memories on film while making you look magnificent at the same time. Just like we did for this couple in this imaginative DC forest wedding portrait.

Innovative Wedding Photographers Can Bring Out the Best in Any Venue

Giving you beautiful wedding photos regardless of your venue is mostly a matter of technical skill and experience. We know our camera gear and what it can do. And we know how to use it. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve photographed hundreds of weddings. We’ve documented marriage celebrations in every setting imaginable. We’ve dealt with every lighting situation you can imagine. And that experience allows us to size up every scenario and figure out how to photograph it within seconds. So you can rest easy knowing that whatever challenges your venue presents, we’ll give you pictures you’ll love.

The real trick isn’t figuring out the nuances of your venue. It’s finding ways to introduce creativity into your photos. Not every wedding venue offers bright colors, interesting angles or unusual features. Even the outdoor locations don’t always have panoramic views, gorgeous fields of flowers or on-demand sunsets.

We don’t say this to worry you, though. We just want to reinforce the point that the venue doesn’t matter. The most talented wedding photographers find ways to bring creativity into even the least interesting setting. Where some see the ordinary, innovative photographers see possibilities.

Imaginative DC Forest Wedding Portrait

The photo featured here is a perfect example of what we’re talking about. We were doing this bride and groom’s couples portraits in a wooded area in Kingman + Heritage Islands Park in eastern Washington DC. A venue we’d never photographed at before. After getting some gorgeous but more standard pictures of them, we wanted to jazz things up a bit. We noticed a pile of canoes lying nearby and were intrigued by the shape and the color. The edges of the upturned watercraft formed intriguing leading lines, and the bright green of the canoe bottoms stood out even amid the green of the surrounding trees. So we positioned the newlyweds near one end of the canoes, added a bit of external lighting to make the coupe more visible and voila! An imaginative DC forest wedding portrait that they will treasure forever!

As it turns out, their wedding venue was anything but boring. In fact, we’d say that Kingman + Heritage Islands Park qualifies as one of Washington DC’s hidden gems. In addition to the wooded area where we took this picture, it offers meadows that are perfect for intimate ceremonies and lovely arched wooden footbridges that are also great for couples portraits. If you’re thinking of having a smaller wedding celebration and want something in DC with rural vibe, then this might be a good fit for you.

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