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Best Winter Engagement Pictures

Tips for the Best Winter Engagement Pictures

  • Schedule your session at dawn or dusk. Because of the low angle of the sun, winter sunrises and sunsets are absolutely stunning! Similarly, night engagement photos against a backdrop of snow are hauntingly beautiful. Braving the colder weather for those images is something you won't regret!
  • Bring a coat or heavy sweater. The good news is that you don't need to wear bulky clothing to get gorgeous winter engagement pics! Though staying warm is a must, you can still wear outfits that make you look great if you have a coat or sweater handy to throw on between shots.
  • Wear bold colors. Pick the outfits that look the best on you, but be choosy about the colors. The wrong colors can make the main subjects (you two) blend too much into the scenery. To stand out against a white, snowy background, select outfits with bold, bright colors. Avoid pastels and any colors that are too close to white.
  • Buy cute accessories that look good in photos. Even with a coat to wear between poses, you might have trouble keeping your hands and face warm. The solution? Bring a hat, scarf or gloves. The best part? If they look great on you, you don't even need to take them off when your picture is being taken!
  • Wear heavier shoes and carry your heels along. Winter engagement shoots often mean walking through snow and slush. To keep your feet warm and dry, show up wearing comfortable shoes (even boots if need be!). Bring your heels separately and only put them on when your photographers are taking full-length photos of you. The behind-the-scenes shots of you wearing boots and a dress might even turn out to be some of your favorite memories from the session!

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