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Cute Engagement Photo Poses

One of the most important things on which you will spend money for your wedding is the venue. We are, of course, obligated to say that your destination DC wedding photographers are the most crucial matrimonial purchase that you will make. But we are not the least bit impartial! And even we must admit that getting the right venue matters tremendously. It helps ensure that your marriage celebrations have the look, feel and vibe that you want. More importantly, selecting a location with top-notch customer service and excellent staff help guarantee that you and your wedding guests will have a lovely and problem-free experience.

Your destination Washington DC wedding photographer will also tell you that your venue plays a crucial role in your matrimonial pictures. It is the setting for a large portion of the images that your destination DC wedding photographers will capture. As such, how your location looks goes a long way toward determining how your photos are going to look. Your photographer will weave elements of it into most of the pictures they create. What those elements are and how they look are therefore important considerations. For example, a venue with history and character will help give your pictures a lovely, timeless feel. An ornate setting will make your wedding look like an elegant affair. A rural venue will obviously give your photography a more rustic vibe.

At the same time, the right destination photographer can ensure that the venue is nearly irrelevant. If your photographer finds a way to bring out the connection that binds you and your intended together, then it does not matter where the pictures are take. You could be standing in front of a blank white wall, and the images would be worthy of printing and putting on the mantel. As much as we like to use a great setting to help tell your love story with unforgettable images, there is really no substitute for two people who are so into each other that nothing else that the camera captures matters.

Forest Engagement Photos in Hannover

We were so fortunate that this future bride and groom from Hannover, Germany, had exactly that kind of connection. Theirs was the sort that can make a beautiful photo all by itself. We did their engagement shoot in a wooded area near the Altwarmbüchener See (Lake) in suburban Hannover. Having grown up in that part of Hannover themselves, they actually suggested the spot, noting that it was a personal favorite of theirs. To get there, we had to leave the main paved road and walk down a dirt path that ran from the alongside an open field. About 200 meters in, we turned, went across a small bridge and made our way into the forest. After navigating our way through some denser underbrush, we emerged in a small clearing between the path and the lake, where we found a good spot in which to pose the lovely couple.

As we said before, though, the setting did not matter all that much. Yes, the branches and the tree trunks were great for framing a young couple in love and the setting winter sun added a nice burst of color in some of the images, but the future bride and groom were so into one another that we mostly just focused our cameras on them. There was so much love and connection evident in every glance, every caress and every tender kiss.

Romantic and Cute Engagement Photo Poses

Speaking of kisses, the body language of these spouses-to-be as they move in to kiss one another is the reason that this was our favorite image from the engagement photo session. We have mentioned elsewhere on this website how great it looks when people posing for couples portraits lean in to kiss without their lips actually touching. It gives the images a bit of dynamism, whereas a photo of a couple kissing can look a bit stationary. A picture of an almost-kiss also creates a sense of anticipation, because you can imagine what the scene will look like when the couple’s lips actually do meet.

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Location: Altwarmbüchener See, Moorwaldweg 19, 30659 Hannover, Germany.

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