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Destination Engagement Photo Ideas

Did you know that you can play an important role in getting the stunning wedding and engagement photos you are looking for? Obviously, your DC destination wedding photographers are largely responsible for creating beautiful images of you and your intended. We are the professionals with years of experience photographing couples like you. Ensuring that the light hits your face flatteringly is an integral part of our job. Similarly, a great Washington DC wedding photographer is one who can find poses that make you look your best. We also use our expertise to find settings that frame you and your future spouse in a visually pleasing way.

So the bottom line is that you do not need to stress yourself out worrying about how to make your wedding and engagement pictures look great. Even if you do nothing at all, the right DC wedding photographers will make sure you get the images you want. There are, however, some little things you can do to make your matrimonial pictures distinctive.

Awesome Engagement Photo Ideas

For starters, your choice of wardrobe can help ensure that you look and feel your very best while posing. Clothes that are flattering and comfortable will keep you relaxed about your appearance. And when you feel at ease, you are sure to look great on film.

Another thing you can do to make your wedding or engagement photos stand out is pick a location that offers something special. An element that catches people’s eyes and makes them look a little bit closer at your pictures. Perhaps it is something that gives the images a sense of time and place. Washington’s monuments, memorials and museums are great for that! Alternatively, you can select a setting that has particularly distinctive features. That could mean one with a gorgeous mountain range in the background. If you like vibrant colors, then scheduling your photo session in an art gallery or museum is a great way to work them into your portraits.

If you are not sure which places have the right look and feel for your couples portraits, not to worry. You can always ask your Washington DC wedding photographer to help you find a great location. We have photographed couples all over the DC metro area and know the region like the backs of our hands. Thanks to that experience, we can identify a site for your portraiture that has exactly what you are looking for.

Couple with Windmills by Destination Photographer

The couple in the image featured here came to us with a very specific vision in mind. They wanted an outdoor engagement session, but with something other than just hills and trees in the background. Fortunately, this future bride and groom scheduled their destination engagement photos session with us in Hannover, Germany. The countryside in that part of Northern Europe is dotted with massive windmills that are part of Germany’s long-term commitment renewable energy generation. In our professional opinions, they make for very compelling elements in wedding or engagement portraits. From the moment we started photographing more marriage events in Germany, we have wanted to work them into some of the pictures. So when this couple came to us with the aforementioned request, we knew exactly where to take them. As you can see in this picture, the results were as compelling as we imagined and they wanted.

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