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Destination Farm Engagement Photos

As you flip through the websites of DC wedding photographers looking for the right one for your destination matrimony, it is worth thinking about what makes you stop and look more closely at the portfolios of certain candidates. What is it about their pictures that inspires you to want to see more of them? What are the elements that make you pause your search and spend a bit of time flipping through their work?

Most Compelling Destination Engagement Photos

Sometimes, the answer to that question is quite clear. For example, a destination Washington DC wedding photographer’s style might suit your aesthetic sensibilities perfectly. Perhaps you like pictures that are a little darker and moodier. If that is the case, you will naturally give more weight to photographers whose images look that way. If you prefer pictures that are lighter and airier, you will obviously be drawn to photographers with that style.

The choices a destination photographer makes regarding what they focus on are another thing that is likely to catch your eye. Photos that highlight the emotional tenor of a wedding-day moment are likely to capture your attention if you like a documentary approach to wedding photography. Conversely, if you prefer flashy, magazine-style staged pictures, then those sorts of images will be the ones you examine more closely.

There are times, however, when it is not easy to identify exactly what it is about a particular picture that captures your attention. The destination DC wedding photographers who took it have just done something special in the taking of it. There is some piece of it, some element in it or some quality it possesses that draws you to it. Something that you know is there but on which you cannot put your finger. An “X factor,” if you will. An aspect to the image that turns a pretty good picture into something unforgettable.

Though you might not be able to identify those special elements, an experienced destination photographer can tell you exactly when and how those details make a difference. They can look at any photo, whether it was taken by them or another photographer, and ascertain immediately whether an X factor sets it apart. In fact, as you shop around for a professional to document your nuptials, you should ask each candidate to describe what makes of the pictures in their portfolio stand out. If they can give you a clear and compelling explanation that echoes what your gut is telling you about their work, then you have almost certainly found a keeper.

Rustic Farm Engagement Photos

To give you an example of what we are talking about, here is what we would say about this photo. If you asked us what makes it special, we would tell you that there are two things. The first is the colors. The rich, deep blue of the sky contrasts beautifully and pleasingly with the lighter, more muted yellows of the field. At the same time, the darker, less obvious greens of the trees on the horizon form a perfect transition area between the two main color zones. And all three of those parts of the frame perfectly complement the clothing this couple is wearing.

The second element we would point to is the composition. Everything in the picture fits together in a very visually pleasing fashion. The cleanliness of the background ensures that nothing distracts you from the main focus of the image. Moreover, the lines that have been cut into the field draw your eye immediately to the the couple.

The final thing that we would highlight is perhaps what really sets it apart. In our professional opinion, the hay bale makes this photo special. For starters, it is an element that you just do not see in a lot of wedding or engagement photography. It is a little unique and unusual, so seeing one in a picture makes you pause as you flip through a portfolio. The hay bale also gives you important context for the photo. It tells you a lot about the setting. You know instantly that it was taken not just in a rural location but specially on a farm. Finally, it allowed us to create the image from a more dramatic angle. By elevating the future bride above the horizon line, we were able to crouch down and photograph her against the vast expanse of blue sky. This, in turn, gave the resulting photo a much grander scale and more impressive feel.

Location: Kirchhorst, Germany.

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