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Do you like the drone photos that you have seen some of the world’s best destination DC wedding photographers produce? Would you like to get beautiful aerial shots of you and your future spouse during your engagement session? If either of these apply to you, you have come to the right place! We have a DJI Mavic Pro drone capable of taking gorgeous and unique pictures of the two of you from above. And we are also here to give you some tips on how to make sure that the drone portraits of you are everything you dream they will be.

Before we get into those tips, though, we should talk about what it is that makes drone photography worth including in your engagement session. Maybe you are not even sure what it looks like and want to see some examples. (If so, please click here and here and here.) In our professional opinion as DC destination wedding photographers, drone photography is an awesome way to make your engagement session something special. Regular cameras are not capable of taking the same kinds of shots as a drone is. The world looks completely different from above. Drones open up a new universe of backgrounds and textures. That means that you are getting portraits that are completely unique. They will look nothing like the engagement photos your friends receive. You are going to get shots that are as one-of-a-kind as your story is.

Top Five Tips for Getting Unforgettable Drone Portraits

Have we sold you on the benefits of having us bring our drone to your engagement photo shoot? Awesome! Now let’s talk about some very easy things you can do to make sure your drone portraits look fantastic. As we said above, the type of pictures that a drone takes are very different. So preparing for them requires a slightly different approach. (Please do not worry, though! Nearly all the prep work is the responsibility of your Washington DC wedding photographer.) With that in mind, here are five simple tips for getting the most out of your drone pictures:

  • Pick a spot at the edges of the DC metro area. The Nation’s Capital is a fantastic place for engagement portraits. We could spend days telling you about everything it has to offer you. The Washington region has just about every kind of venue — from rustic to elegant to artsy to historic. That is great for you, because it means you are certain to get something that suits your specific tastes.

The downside to planning your wedding or engagement in the DC metro area is that the city is the home of our federal government. That means there a lot of restrictions on what you are allowed to do. For example, the memorials and monuments require photography permits and are generally not available as wedding venues. In a similar vein, drone photography is prohibited within 15 miles of Ronald Reagan National Airport. So if your dream is to have drone pictures of you and your future spouse on the National Mall, we are sad to say that that is not an option. The same is sadly true for many other fantastic Washington, DC, wedding venues.

The good news is that there are a lot of gorgeous spots outside the restricted area. The approximate edges of that 15-mile radius are Chantilly in the west, Rockville in the north, Largo in the east and Woodbridge in the south. That means the vineyards and rolling hills of the Shenandoah Mountains are in play. As are the mountains of southern Maryland. As are the shores of the Chesapeake. As are the parks near where the Potomac River begins to widen. Any one of these areas would make a stunning location for some really beautiful drone shots of the two of you.

Locations in other states or overseas are also a great option. (Each of us is a destination photographer available for engagement shoots overseas!) Every city, state and country is going to have its own rules, of course. But many of DC’s security concerns are not an issue in other places.

  • Pick a spot with varied terrain. As we said before, the world looks completely different when you see it from above. You begin to notice new patterns and textures. You focus on the width of a tree instead of its height. You become aware of the shape of a river or a coastline.

This new perspective is what makes drone photography so exciting. And it is what guarantees that you will get one-of-a-kind portraits. The challenge is that it is impossible to know beforehand what the location will look like ahead of time. A monotonous background can make a drone engagement photo blah. And that is the last thing you want!

So how can you still ensure that you pick a place that will look great in your photos? Choose an engagement session location that offers a variety of different terrains. Find something with water, winding paths, farmlands and forests. Select a spot with areas of different colors. Variety is the spice of life and a must-have for the kind of drone photos you crave.

  • Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty… We have learned from experience that the best drone shots are taken from directly overhead. There are some great images that we can create from an an angle, sure. (Click here for an example.) But those pictures do not give you something that is dramatically different from what you get from a regular camera. They can look great, of course, but they will not be unique. No, only shots from above you will give you those special textures and patterns that emerge when you see the world from that view.

The problem is that the view of the two of you from directly above is not so great. At least, not if you are standing up. Then the drone’s camera basically gets a shot of the top of your heads. Not the most flattering angle, right? And more importantly, it will not capture the beautiful emotions that show on your face when your beloved holds you.

The solution is to have you lie down on the ground. Once we get you positioned that way, the drone can see your faces again. It can capture that lovely smile that curls up when your future spouse whispers something sweet in your ear. It can photograph the tenderness of the kiss you share. It can get a flattering angle that ensures that you look gorgeous.

Lying on the ground does pose its own challenges, of course. Nature is beautiful, but it is not always clean! We will never ask you to lie down in the mud (or to do anything else that makes you uncomfortable). But the more willing you are to get a little dusty, the more possibilities will be open to you. So we always recommend wearing something comfortable and machine-washable if you want drone shots.

  • …Or bring a blanket. If you really do not want to get your clothes dirty, do not worry. You can still get gorgeous drone portraits of you and your future spouse! Just bring along a blanket or something else to lie down on. Your clothes will remain nice and clean. And that will allow you to worry less, relax more and look great in your pictures.

Actually, bring a blanket even if you do not mind getting your clothes a little dusty! Introducing it into some of the shots will add a little variety to your drone photos. Think of it almost like a change of clothes — something to make certain shots look different from others. The blanket will also give you a little padding underneath you, making lying on the ground a little more comfortable for you.

  • Wear something that lies flat. The last piece of advice we would offer you about wardrobe choice is to wear something soft. We do not mean the fabric — wearing cashmere might not be the best choice! We mean choose clothing that is not too stiff. Select something that will lie flat when you are down on the ground. Certain items of clothing (dresses, in particular) are not designed to be worn while lying down. Because of their stiffness, the ground bunches them up or pushes them up when you are in that position. That will look a little awkward on film, particularly because you will probably feel uncomfortable and keep trying to adjust your clothing.

In our experience, this tends to be more of an issue with a wedding dress, which can have wiring or other supports built into it. But it can certainly apply to what you choose for an engagement photo shoot as well. The good news is that you have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to your engagement session wardrobe. So choosing something that looks fabulous and is comfortable enough to lie down is sure to be a snap!

We hope these tips have got you excited and ready for an engagement photo shoot with drone photography! For more information or to book a session with us, please contact us by clicking here.

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