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A Washington DC wedding photographer never knows when the perfect shot will appear. At any moment during a marriage celebration, the lighting, compositional element and moment could combine in just the right way. That can happen when everyone expects it, such as when you are exchanging your rings. Or it can happen during seemingly mundane periods, like on your ride to your reception venue. Being ready for that perfect shot is why you will almost never see us with our cameras down on your wedding day. Photojournalistic DC wedding photographers like us cannot afford to take a break. We never know exactly when something unforgettable will happen, so we need to be ready at all times.

In our opinions, you should also be ready for the perfect opportunity for a photograph of you and your future spouse. We do not mean on your wedding day, naturally! On the day you are going to be tying the knot, you should not be worried about your photos. After all, you will have hired a professional Washington DC wedding photographer for a reason! Let us ensure that you and your beloved look great in your pictures. Let us make sure that every significant moment is captured on film. Let us search for those perfect shots. You should just let yourself be in every moment, fully enjoying the whole experience. You should be unencumbered by preoccupations and (ideally) completely unaware that you are being photographed. You should feel secure that we are preserving on film everything that matters.

Our comment about always being prepared for a great photo opportunity applies more to all the other days in your life. Some of our favorite pictures of the two of us were not taken at our wedding. Somebody (often we ourselves) took them when we were out on a date, watching a football game at a stadium or just lounging around the house. Those moments and memories are no less precious to us than those from our marriage celebrations. For that reason, we love the photos just as much as the ones in our wedding album.

Omni Shoreham Engagement Photographer DC

The story behind this particular portrait is one of fortuitousness and both the photographers and the couple seizing the perfect moment. We had just finished photographing a lovely wedding at DC’s luxurious Omni Shoreham Hotel. We had packed up our gear and were about to head out to our car. On our way through the the hotel lobby, a very attractive couple dressed to the nines asked us if we could take a picture of them. We thought they were guests at the wedding we had just photographed and said that we would be delighted to. They then handed us a cell phone. That is when we realized that we did not recognize them from the wedding. They were actually at the Omni Shoreham for a completely different event — a star-studded fundraiser. (On a side note, the wedding party from the event we photographed saw several big names walk by just as they were about to enter the reception.)

As it turned out, the couple who stopped us in the lobby had just recently gotten engaged. They had not had engagement portraits done, but they liked how they looked that night and decided to ask some strangers for a cell phone picture. Naturally, we told them that it was their lucky day! They had, purely by chance, asked two professional DC wedding photographers to take their picture. We asked them if they would like a proper engagement portrait with good equipment, instead of with a cell phone. Unsurprisingly, they agreed immediately! So we got out our cameras, put flashes in our MagMod MagBox softbox to make the lighting more flattering and snapped some beautiful pictures of them.

It was an unexpectedly happy moment for both this lovely couple and the photographers who got to document their love. They got portraits whose quality far surpassed what they would have gotten with a cell phone. We got the opportunity to cap off an already great day by making a couple happy and giving them a gift that they will treasure. And all of it was possible because both sides embraced the chance to create a beautiful photo!

Location: Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20008.

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