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Engagement Photos in the Rain

“It’s like rain on your wedding day…” As many have pointed out in the years since that song came out, that is not ironic. Unfortunately, though, it is often a reality! In our time as DC and destination wedding photographers, we have documented couples marrying in a lot of different climatic conditions. We have photographed two different weddings during record-setting blizzards. Working in the Nation’s Capital means we have documented a lot of marital events in the region’s infamously blazing summer heat. We have not ever had to photograph couples during hurricanes, tornados or torrential rainstorms, but we cannot say that any of those scenarios are an impossibility!

No, bad weather during your marriage celebrations is not ironic. It often is, however, annoying, inconvenient and perhaps disruptive. It is especially so if you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. Heavy rains can make getting married outside anywhere from unpleasant to impossible. With that in mind, any Washington DC wedding photographer will recommend that you set up a backup indoor location just in case.

You can and should try to plan for the possibility of inclement weather. But at the end of the day, you will probably just have to roll with whatever life deals you on the day you pick for your wedding. And that is not a bad thing! The couple whose matrimony we photographed during 2016’s Snowzilla took this approach to a weather event that prevented many of their guests from making it to DC. Because they did not stress out about the disruptions, they were able to enjoy one of the sweetest, most wonderful marriage celebrations we have ever witnessed. Sometimes it just comes down to finding the silver linings in an undesirable situation.

Speaking of silver linings, one of the nice things about bad weather is that it often makes for some great wedding photography. A storm or other significant climatic event brings a hint of drama to any picture of you and your future spouse. As you can see in this image taken by a destination photographer, a couple posing with a storm on the horizon can be very striking.

There are other benefits to having your picture taken in inclement weather as well. The aforementioned blizzard in 2016 cleared Washington’s notoriously congested streets, allowing their DC wedding photographers to take some hauntingly beautiful portraits of them. Pouring rain can disrupt your ceremony, but if you bring along a clear umbrella, we can create stunning picture of you and your beloved after you exchange your vows. Even less dramatic inclement weather can make for spectacular photography. An overcast sky and a bit of dampness on the ground tends to bring out the colors of the setting in which you are posing. The greens of any grass are positively vibrant in those sorts of conditions.

Destination Engagement Photos in the Rain

This particular photo combines both the drama of an impending weather event and the beautiful colors of a rainy. day. We took it during a destination engagement photography session outside of Hannover, Germany. We and the couple squeezed it in just before a storm lashed rain down on the area. We brought the future husband and wife to a beautiful cornfield in the rural areas outside of town. The late-summer corn was taller than even the tallest human beings, so it made a great, visually interesting backdrop for the couple’s portraits. We found a particularly good spot at which the cornstalks nearly intersected with a hedge separating the field from a nearby house. The resulting leading lines do a great job of drawing the eye to the couple. At the same time, the height of the corn and the hedge were low enough to leave plenty of sky in the frame. That proved important, as we wanted to highlight the approaching storm. So once we had the couple in the right spot, we composed the photos such that all the elements were where we wanted them and took an unforgettable shot.

Location: Altwarmbüchen, Germany.

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