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Romantic Engagement Photos

Romantic engagement photos are some of the most beautiful, impactful and memorable tributes to your love imaginable. Done right, they show off the meaningful connection that binds you and your partner together. They show off how perfect you are for one another, how well you fit together physically and how natural you look in each other’s arms. They are the kind that will bring a tear of happiness to your eye and make your friends just a little jealous.

Why did we preface that with the “done right” qualifier? Because in our experience, there is a fine line between romantic and cheesy. And though the difference can be subtle, it is very, very important. Romantic engagement pictures are genuine, natural and beautiful. They give the viewer a window into your relationship and what makes it special. Cheesy pictures are artificial, staged and (in our opinion) corny. They are pretending to be romantic but reveal little about you as a couple. (Other than your ability to pose for sort of silly pictures, of course.)

So if getting truly romantic portraits is a priority for you (like creating them for our clients is for us), then the question is how to make sure yours are on the right side of that fine line. In this post, we offer a couple of suggestions for ensuring that your engagement photoshoot gets you the romantic images you want. Basically, it comes down to how you do your engagement session and how your photographers pose you.

Romantic Engagement Photo Ideas

The first key to getting the romantic engagement pictures you want is planning a photoshoot that fosters that kind of atmosphere. It makes sense, right? If you want pictures with a specific look and feel, make sure the session is conducive to it. If you want wintry engagement photos, don’t plan your shoot in June! Similarly, don’t have your session in the city if you want rustic engagement portraits.

But let’s get more specific about how to plan a romantic engagement session. Start by thinking about when you feel most loving toward your partner. If you are like most people, it is probably when you are relaxed, comfortable and content. If you are stressed, uncomfortable or irritable, you are probably not feeling romantic. So try to create an engagement photoshoot that maximizes the positive things and minimizes the negatives. Here are some romantic engagement photo ideas that will help you do that:

  • Build your photoshoot around an activity you both love... If you are having fun doing something that bonds you together, your love for one another is going to really shine through.
  • ...But avoid overly complicated, “high concept” ideas. The more complex your engagement photoshoot, though, the more likely it is to be overly staged and cheesy.
  • Pick a location that is special to you. If you are in a place that brings back happy memories, you are going to feel happier and more connected to your partner.
  • Dress to impress... Looking great is an important part of feeling great, so wear something that gives you confidence that you look beautiful.
  • ...But stay comfortable. At the same time, nobody feels romantic when they are uncomfortable, so make sure your clothes fit you well.

Romantic Couple Photo Poses

The second key to getting really romantic engagement photos is less about what you do and more about what your photographers do. To get those kinds of pictures of you, they need to pick posing that both fosters and highlights romance. Those poses need to draw those feelings out of the two of you and communicate them to the world. Fortunately, as we said, you do not need to worry about how to do that! Your engagement photographers are responsible for making sure that you get romantic posing.

We would recommend, however, that you study the portfolios of each engagement photographer whom you are considering to see how well they do this. But how should you evaluate the job they do posing their couples? Fortunately, it is pretty easy, because there is only one thing to look for. There is just one element that all truly romantic couple photo poses possess. Namely, connection. An obvious and meaningful emotional connection between the two people. And here is how we will use posing to encourage and highlight that in your engagement photoshoot:

By letting you be as natural as possible

In our experience, the most romantic poses are usually the most genuine. Artificial or overly staged posing starts looking cheesy pretty quickly. So we will start with what feels right to you -- the way the two of you normally hold one another. We will then base any other posing off of that natural way you fit together.

By having you look at each other

Some of the least romantic engagement pictures ever (in our opinion) are the ones in which either one or both people are looking at the camera. Why? Because our gaze is an important tool in establishing connections with other people. And if you are looking at us, you are connecting with us (or the camera) and not your partner. So just about every pose we suggest is going to have you looking at one another.

By encouraging touch

An even more intimate and romantic way of establishing connection in engagement photos is by creating “contact points.” What we mean by that is spots where a part of your body touches your partner’s. Each one creates a physical connection that increases the romantic feel of the photos of you.

Romantic Engagement Photos from Session in Sunflower Field

The photograph posted here does a great job (in our biased opinion) of showing how great romantic engagement images can look when done right. And it also illustrates how the things we mentioned above help give a picture a romantic look and feel.

We took it in a sunflower field just outside of Hannover Germany. That choice of location gave their photoshoot a nice theme (rural, colorful, outdoorsy) but didn’t make it too high-concept or structured. The couple chose clothing that looked good but was appropriate for walking around in a field or sitting on the ground. (She wore a loose summer dress, and he wore nice jeans and a thin long-sleeved shirt, in case you were wondering).

What really makes the picture romantic, though, is the posing. After taking many wider-angle shots of them amid a sea of sunflowers, we wanted some shots that were more closeup and intimate. So we asked them to sit down on the ground between the stalks. In keeping with the philosophy outlined above, we let them arrange themselves in a way that felt right to them. Then we asked them to look directly into each other’s eyes and get as close as possible. As you can see, that closeness established several contact points (her hand on his neck, his hand on her leg and his chest on her knee). The result of all this is an image that feels genuine, unforced and above all, romantic.

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