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Silhouette Portrait Destination Wedding Photographer

Whether we are creating your wedding and engagement photography in Washington DC or at some exotic international destination, our goal remains the same. No matter where we take your pictures, we want to help you preserve memories of your love on film forever. We aim to give you and your beloved images that capture the essence of who you are. What makes you special, not just as two individuals, but as a couple about to be united for eternity. If you tell us that the portraits we create tell an important piece of your love story, then these destination DC wedding photographers know that we have done the most critical part of our job right.

Capturing your individual and collective personalities on film, however, is only part of what we want to give you. We also want your wedding and engagement photography to be beautiful. Your love for one another is special and deserves to look spectacular in your photos. Your Washington DC wedding photographer should make every effort to produce images that are as distinct and unique as you. Every time we pick up our cameras, we strive to give our clients something creative. Something that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Something that makes their love look as beautiful as it feels.

Creative Destination Engagement Photos

This particular image is a great example of what happens when we succeed in that mission. It shows how certain photographic techniques can enhance the telling of our couples’ love stories. It demonstrates how creativity can turn a pretty good picture into an extraordinary one.

Though this image appears to have been captured at night, we actually used our photographic skill to create it in an early afternoon destination engagement session in Hannover, Germany. We created it while taking this future bride and groom on a photo tour of the city. We stopped at the Apostelkirche, a towering church in the eastern part of Hannover, after having already taken portraits of the lovely spouses-to-be in the nearby Lister Meile. The latter is a famous shopping promenade. It runs from the Hauptbahnhof (central train station) to Podbielskistraße, the main artery to the northeast part of town. We were about to head to Hannover’s Neues Rathaus (New City Hall), but decided to pause for photos at the Apostelkirche first. We were fascinated by its beautiful Neo-Gothic architecture and unorthodox shape. It looked like an ideal place to pose the future spouses for some epic couples portraits.

Colorful Silhouette Portrait

The best spot in which to take pictures there turned out to be the church’s front door. The arched doorway framed the couple perfectly in the wider angle shots of them with the Apostelkirche soaring above them. It also proved to be an ideal space for doing some more creative photography using an off-camera flash. Though tall, the doorway was not very deep, so we were able to illuminate it with artificial lighting quite easily. We started by putting the lights behind the couple to light up the doorway. We then added an orange gel to make the light’s color complement that of the bricks around the couple. Finally, we set our camera settings to very dark exposure levels so that the future spouses would be silhouetted against the illuminated doorway.

The results, as you can see here, were fantastic. The colors are beautiful, for starters. We also love that the silhouettes are crisp enough that you can see the future groom leaning in to kiss his beloved. As an added bonus, you can see the future bride smiling in anticipation of the moment their lips meet.

Perhaps our favorite part of the image, though, is the hat that the bride-to-be is wearing. We normally do not love headwear in portraits because of the likelihood that it will block our subjects’ face(s). But it works here. For one thing, it is a fun accessory that makes this particular portrait more visually interesting. More importantly, however, it helps address one of the challenges facing a destination photographer when taking portraits with silhouettes. Achieving definition in the faces of the subjects is difficult without all the helpful visual cues that a visible face offers. So it can sometimes be hard to see the exact contours of someone’s head. The bride’s hat solves this by rounding out the shape and giving it extra definition.

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Location: Apostelkirche, An der Apostelkirche, 30161 Hannover, Germany.

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