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Spring Engagement Photos

There are a lot of reasons why many couples like you want spring engagement photos. Some of it has to do with timing. The majority of future spouses whom we photograph marry within a year of popping the question. Summer is without question and for obvious reasons the most popular season for weddings. Working backwards, that leaves the previous spring, winter, fall and possibly summer as potential times for an engagement session.

The summer and fall of the year before are often too early for taking betrothal photos. You are still basking in the enjoyment of being engaged. Scheduling a session with a Washington DC engagement photographer is probably not going to be the first thing you think of! Winter engagement sessions can lead to some really lovely pictures. But there are some compelling reasons why engagement photos during that time of year might not be the best idea. Chief among them, obviously, is that it can get pretty cold in the Washington DC metro area in the winter!

So that leaves the spring as the optimal time to hire a Washington DC engagement photographer to document your love story. It is close enough to your wedding that you are fully engaged in the planning and in the right frame of mind to have the pictures done. At the same time, you receive spring engagement photos in time to include them in your save the date cards. The weather could not be more perfect for engagement portraits, especially if you live in or around Washington DC. As longtime residents of the Nation’s Capital, we know firsthand how glorious it is to be there in March, April and May. The weather is warm, but the DC area’s dreaded humidity has not fully kicked in.

The Key to Great Spring Engagement Photos? Flowers!

Forget all the logistical reasons for having spring engagement photos taken in the spring, though. Much more compelling is what that time of year symbolizes for someone in your shoes. Springtime is the season of love, of course! And not just because poets and artists say so. Some research indicates that people are more likely to fall for one another during that part of the year. Something about the sights, sounds and smells makes us more receptive to attention from potential soulmates. The novelty of the emergence of flowers, grass and leaves releases dopamine into our brains. That makes us happier. And when we feel good, we are more open to falling in love.

Those same flowers, grass and leaves that nudge us toward love also make the spring a great time for you to schedule your engagement session. The tulips that bloom all over the DC metro area, for example, look fantastic in portraits of couples in love. Likewise, the various trees, flowers and plants that bloom at the U.S. National Arboretum make that spot a great location for your engagement shoot. And of course, we cannot talk about springtime engagement photo shoot locations without suggesting that you consider the cherry blossoms! DC’s most famous trees and premier tourist attraction make the Tidal Basin area one of the most sought-after places for spring engagement photos in the entire metro area.

Spring Engagement Photos on a Farm

The appeal of spring engagement photos in a field full of flowers is pretty clear. You get pictures like the one featured here. You get portraits with vibrant colors and Mother Nature at her best. Most importantly, you get images of you and your future spouse in a setting that is every bit as beautiful as your love. Ones that really stand out from the rest. And that make your friends feel just a twinge of jealousy, of course!

We took this particular portrait during a destination engagement photo shoot in Northern Germany. The bride-to-be in this image was from a small town about an hour from the city of Hannover. One of the main tourist attractions in the village is a carefully cultivated poppy field just outside the town center. People come from miles around to see the field turn a vibrant red as the poppies bloom in the late spring and early summer. So naturally, when given a choice of where to have her engagement photos taken, this future bride immediately picked this field.

Engagement Photos by Destination Photographer

Her Washington DC wedding photographers did not mind the selection at all! The poppy field proved to be one of the most beautiful settings in which we have ever taken spring engagement photos. One of our favorite things about being destination wedding photographers is the novelty of creating portraiture in different and unfamiliar places. (As people with very international backgrounds, we are suckers for new experiences!) More specifically, though, we love the way that new locations in new countries allow us to diversify the kinds of images we capture for our clients. We always want to be able to offer you something as unique as your love story.

Taking pictures in a new setting allows us to do just that. Because there are no poppy fields in the Washington DC metro area, we had never taken portraits of a couple posing in one. Doing so during this session gave us the opportunity to explore creative ways to work them into the images. We took closeup spring engagement photos of this couple kissing amid the blossoms. We captured wide-angle images of them embracing in a sea of red flowers. Additionally, we used our drone to get a picture in which the poppy field appears only in the background, a lovely patch of color livening up the overall scene. (That shot also included some cool-looking energy windmills on the horizon.)

Perhaps our favorite image of the day, though, was this one. We had them stand outside the field while we crouched in a path cut through the flowers by a tractor. From that angle, we were able to frame them with the poppies. So the eye goes immediately to them, but the rest of the frame is occupied by beautiful blobs of color.

Location: Schlüsselburg, 32469 Petershagen.

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