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Though we are DC wedding photographers, we are always available to help document your destination marriage celebration. No matter what corner of the globe will play host to your nuptials, we are ready to travel there to give you unforgettable wedding photos. As we have mentioned elsewhere, our backgrounds are very international. Both of us have spent most of our adult lives living outside the U.S. and speak several languages fluently. As a result, we are quite comfortable photographing marriage events anywhere in the world.

Destination Photographer from Washington DC

One thing that we have enjoyed about photographing destination weddings is getting to know new places. Taking pictures of weddings in India, the Dominican Republic and Germany has allowed us to learn about all of those places. This is particularly true when we have had the chance to photograph couples from those destinations in their home countries. They typically introduce us to the destination by showing us the important sites in their cities. More importantly, these couples will also introduce us to their favorite places near where they live. These are sometimes off the beaten path but are usually highly significant to the people we are photographing. These sites might be less famous than the more touristy spots, but they often give us a great feel for the “real” destinations in which we are photographing weddings and engagements.

That has happened frequently during our visits to Hannover, Germany. Even though Anji is from that part of Northern Europe, it has been many years since she has lived there. As such, we have often photographed residents who know the city better than we do. Every time we go to that city to take pictures of future spouses or newlyweds, we learn more about its history and culture.

The really nice thing about this experience is when we have the opportunity to share this knowledge with our clients. More importantly, it is great when we can use it to find the best locations for their couples portraits. When we can take them beyond the most obvious sites and find spots that suit them perfectly.

Destination Engagement Photos

That is what happened with the couple featured in this particular engagement photo. The bride- and groom-to-be hailed from Hamburg, a huge Northern German metropolis. Though Hannover is not part of Hamburg’s metro area, the two cities are only about an hour’s drive apart. That is about how long it takes to get from Washington to Baltimore, so we asked them to meet us in Hannover. These future spouses had never been to Hannover before and liked the idea of having pictures in a different place. So they made the trip down and spent an afternoon posing for urban engagement photos with us.

Hosting people who were new to Hannover made this engagement session one of the most enjoyable that we have done. It gave us a chance to introduce them to our adopted city and take pictures in settings that were fresh to them. We strove to give them a typical Hannover experience and their engagement photos a typical Hannover feel.

To do this, we decided to take them on a little photo tour of the city. That is what a Washington DC wedding photographer would do if fiancés from outside DC booked them for a Washington engagement session, after all. We started the betrothal shoot at Hannover’s Neues Rathaus (New City Hall), one of our favorite venues for engagement photography. As we have mentioned elsewhere on this site, this building is a Hannover landmark. It is a distinctive and easily recognizable part of the city’s skyline. Moreover, the Neues Rathaus is a great backdrop in front of which to pose future brides and grooms.

Best Engagement Photo Locations in Hannover

After getting stunning photos of these fiancés outside and inside the iconic building, we took them to the Staatsoper Hannover. That is the city’s main opera house and another gorgeous setting for capturing images of two people in love. We began in the beautiful building’s foyer. We got some lovely photos of the future bride and groom embracing near one of the Staatsoper Hannover’s huge windows. Next, we went outside to take pictures of the couple standing between some of the visually striking hedges that grow next to the opera house’s stunning Classical exterior.

The final stop on these future spouses’ photo tour of Hannover was another city landmark: the Hauptbahnhof (central train station). Though the building’s exterior was designed in a beautiful Romantic-Neoclassical style, that is not its most distinctive feature. The Hauptbahnhof is also host to one of the most recognizable structures in the city. Just outside the front door is a sizable statue of Ernst August I. He was an English Royal, one of the last kings of Hannover and a popular figure among city denizens. Because it is so famous, the sculpture of the monarch riding a horse is a common meeting point for locals. In fact, it is probably the location most frequently used by Hannoverites. A similar point of reference in Washington, DC, might be the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The statue’s utility as a meeting point comes not only from its proximity to Hannover’s main train station. It is also because the Ernst August statue has a distinctive feature that makes it easy to describe to others. That would be the tail of the horse Ernst August rides. For that reason, it is very common to hear Hannover residents talk of meeting “unter dem Schwanz” or under the horse’s tail.

Naturally, we wanted to take some pictures of this bride- and groom-to-be posing near this iconic Hannover memorial. However, we thought that posing them directly under the tail would provide an unusual view of the horse. Instead, we brought them to a set of steps that lead down to the Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade. That is an outdoor shopping promenade not far from the train station. Posing them on the stairs allowed us to achieve the exact look that we wanted for the photo. The angle and distance made it possible to include both the Ernst August statue and the Hauptbahnhof’s front side. We asked the future spouses to embrace and kiss, and then clicked the shutters on our cameras. As you can see in this photo, the resulting composition is fantastic.

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Location: Hannover Hauptbahnhof, 30159 Hanover, Germany.

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