Destination Engagement Session in Germany
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Destination Engagement Session in Germany

Sometimes all it takes is an event by mother nature to take an image that we photograph from very good to the next level. It can add a little color or sparkle for that special touch of magic to the setting chosen by the couple for their pictures.

Destination Engagement Session in Northern Germany

One of those is the Perseids meteor shower which was at its peak in Northern Germany in the second week of August. So as wedding and engagement photographers from Washington DC we were of course were happy that the timing of our destination engagement session in that part of the world coincided with it.

Since the couple lived in the city of Hannover but did not want an urban setting for their engagement shoot they chose to meet us in Kirchhorst, a suburb just outside of town and which is known for its vast farmland. There in a dark field we positioned the man and woman on one side of the field near the trees of varying heights. They were silhouetted along with the trees while the sky was lit up in various shades of blue. And just as they were about to kiss, we captured them with a shooting star in the sky above them!

Location: Kirchhorst, 30916 Isernhagen.