4th of July Engagement Session in Washington, D.C.
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4th of July Engagement Session in Washington, D.C.

We love it when wedding and engagement clients book us for surprise proposals. For DC wedding photographers who specialize in moments, those events are the perfect opportunity for creating epic photography. They produce such a meaningful gamut of emotions that every second gives another chance to get something spectacular on film.

It starts with the moment when the future bride and groom arrive at the location. Anticipation hangs thick in the air, even though the bride-to-be generally has no idea what is happening next. That gives way to surprise. When the groom-to-be goes down on one knee and pulls out the ring, his fiancée usually lets out a shout. What follows is often an outpouring of love and affection. The couple embraces, and “I love you’s” are exchanged. One or both will frequently shed some tears of joy.

Every single one of the emotions that the fiancés experience during those few minutes is beautiful. A Washington, DC, wedding photographer must be a flurry of activity as the scene plays out. They have to capture the bride’s look of puzzlement when she arrives at the location her fiancé has set up. Then they need to get in position to photograph the future groom making the proposal. At the same time, the photographer needs to take a picture of his fiancée reaction to that. Then they need to get images of both the future bride and groom as they hug. We are always glad to be a husband-and-wife team of DC wedding photographers. But working together is even more advantageous during surprise proposals! We can quite easily cover the entire proceedings.

We photographed this particular proposal at the United Unions Building in downtown Washington. It is one of DC’s hidden gems when it comes to wedding and engagement photography. Because the edifice is just a few blocks from the National Mall, it has an unparalleled view of that icon of the Nation’s Capital. From the roof, one gets an unobstructed look at the Washington Monument. Unfortunately, the United Unions Building is not typically used as a wedding venue. In this specific case, the father of the future groom was able to use the building’s event space thanks to his work contacts.

Prior to popping the question, the groom-to-be to be spent considerable time setting up one of the venue’s private rooms. He decorated the entire space with pictures of their family members. Below each image was a handwritten note to the bride-to-be from the persons depicted in the photo. It was one of the sweetest preludes to a proposal that we had ever scene.

The future bride clearly thought so as well. Her initial reaction as she entered the room was befuddlement. But that instantly turned to delight as she saw what her fiancé had arranged for her. We caught on film her eyes lighting up when she realized what it all meant and what was coming next. We also photographed the moment when her man asked her to become his wife. Then we got this shot, which was one of our favorites from the event. It was the moment just after the bride-to-be said, “yes.” It was when she leapt into her future husband’s arms and started to cry tears of happiness. He kissed her on the cheek, adding another layer of tenderness to the image. We clicked our shutters and immortalized the moment forever.

Location: United Unions Inc, 1750 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006.

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