Aegidienkirche Hannover Engagement Session
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Aegidienkirche Hannover Engagement Session

One of the things we love most about doing wedding and engagement photography in Hannover, Germany, is that almost every venue that we pick for couples portraits has a rich, interesting and above all, lengthy history. The same is true of the sites at which we take pictures in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, of course. But as wonderful as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Smithsonian museums and all of the other testaments to America’s history are, none of them is more than 200 years old. Hannover, by contrast, just celebrated its 775th birthday. Many of its most famous buildings and landmarks are approaching 500 years of existence and predate the creation of a unified Germany. So every picture we take of a couple posing in front of or inside one of these historical venues is imbued with hundreds or thousands of stories of people who have been there before.

Though old, many of Hannover’s buildings and landmarks have been changed and updated with the passing years. One that has not, though, and that has preserved a very critical piece of its own history is the Aegidienkirche in Hannover’s Old Town. One of three historic churches in that part of the city, the building was constructed in the 12th Century and originally served as a Catholic church. Martin Luther’s Reformation first took hold in Hannover in the Aegidienkirche, and the church hosted Lutheran services from then until the 20th Century.

Like Hannover’s other two churches in the city’s Old Town, the Aegidienkirche sustained heavy damage during Allied bombing raids during World War II. Unlike the Marktkirche and Kreuzkirche (both of which we have used as venues for our engagement photo shoots, by the way), the Aegidienkirche was not repaired or rebuilt. Instead, it was left as a partially damaged war memorial. In the middle of the now-roofless main chamber of the church, a sculpture called “Humility” was installed in 1959.

In addition to being an integral part of Hannover’s history, the Aegidienkirche is a great location in which future spouses can have their pre-wedding couples portraits taken. We particularly like it as a venue for several reasons. First, the lack of a roof means the “interior” of the church is essentially illuminated by natural light. So the engagement pictures that we take have the Gothic feel of the inside of an old church but the soft and flattering light of the outdoors. Second, as you can see in this image, the floor of the Aegidienkirche’s main chamber is decorated with an interesting zigzag pattern, especially when viewed from above. We were able to get some beautiful aerial images of the couple dancing along that line with our DJI Mavic Pro drone during their engagement photo shoot. Third, the area under the church’s tower is still covered and is quite dark, even during the day. This allows us to pose fiancés like this future bride and groom in such a way that they are silhouetted against the open portion of the Aegidienkirche. The results, as you can see in this image, are absolutely lovely.

Location: Aegidienkirche, Aegidienkirchhof 1, 30159 Hannover.