Destination Engagement Photos in Hannover Germany
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Destination Engagement Photos in Hannover Germany

As we have mentioned previously when talking about the wedding and engagement photography that we do for couples in Northern Germany, the Aegidienkirche in Hannover is one of the best places in the region to take future brides and grooms for beautiful couples portraits. The venue is one of the oldest churches in the city and has a rich and interesting history. More importantly when it comes to couples portraits, however, the Aegidienkirche’s unique layout allows us to flex our creative muscles, employ new poses that bring out the most beautiful sides of our wedding and engagement clients, and take their pictures from creative and unusual angles. The building was partially destroyed during Allied bombing raids in World War II, and it has never been fully repaired. As a result, the church now has no roof and no windowpanes. This means that we can photograph couples from above (which we have done using our Mavic DJI Pro drone) or capture our brides and grooms on film through the spaces once occupied by ornate stained glass.

We can also place our wedding and engagement clients between the still-covered area under the former bell tower and the open space that used to be the church’s nave. During the day, we can use the dramatic difference between the darkness of the interior and the brightness of the Aegidienkirche’s uncovered portion to create epic silhouettes of the future spouses as they embrace. At night, the lighting scenario actually reverses. The part of the church that is beneath the tower is illuminated by a pair of lightbulbs, whereas the old nave gets only a little bit of residual illumination from the streetlights in the neighborhood. So all we have to do to take magical pictures of our brides- and grooms-to-be in that same spot is to stand on the other side of them.

Actually, it is a little more complicated than that. There are a couple of other things that we need to do as well. The first is to add artificial lighting. The bulbs in the chamber under the bell tower are not particularly powerful, so when we took this particular image of fiancés in love, we set up a flash on a stand behind them. This lit up the alcove and made their silhouettes much sharper and crisper. The second creative touch that we put on this fantastic photograph was to adjust our camera settings to make the light from the flash a dazzling starburst. Reducing our camera’s aperture to the size of a pinhole turned the light from a shapeless blob to beautiful rays streaming out from between the future bride’s and future groom’s faces.

What we particularly like about the latter effect is the way it creates additional depth and dimension in the final image. One of the biggest challenges in wedding and engagement photography is giving images that exist on a two-dimensional plane the same three-dimensional feel that the scenes they capture have in real life. There are a variety of different techniques that we use as professional wedding and engagement photographers, and this is one that we especially enjoy using. By locating the light source behind the couple and having the rays stretch out in front of them, the final image gets both a beautiful light effect and that needed third dimension.

Location: Aegidienkirche, 1, Aegidienkirchhof, 30159 Hannover.