Downtown DC Engagement Session
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Downtown DC Engagement Session

It is great for a Washington, DC, wedding photographer to work at venue with which they have prior personal connections. For starters, it is always nice when we are already familiar with the layout of the location. Knowing where the best lighting, backdrops and angles are makes getting epic wedding photography that much easier. The less DC wedding photographers have to think, the more we can just follow the flow of a matrimonial day. We can just let the meaningful moments happen and capture them on film.

Photographing a marriage at a venue that we know well also has other advantages for a Washington, DC, wedding photographer. They are, however, a little harder to define and quantify. Being in a place with positive associations helps a person relax and feel more comfortable. When we are happier, we feel more creative and more willing to take changes with our photography. For fiancés and newlyweds, that means beautiful and sometimes jaw-dropping matrimonial pictures. And that is an outcome that leaves everyone satisfied!

We recently had the pleasure of taking photographs at a wedding venue with which we had prior good experiences. A bride- and groom-to-be booked us for an engagement photo shoot at the DACOR Bacon House. That historic building is a DC icon and a fantastic place for weddings and engagements. It is a 200 year-old mansion in the heart of Washington with an address that cannot be beat. The White House is a mere two blocks away.

Brides and grooms do not even need to make that short walk to get beautiful, Washingtonian couples portraits, though. The building and grounds of the DACOR Bacon House have a wealth of lovely settings for portraiture. DC wedding photographers can literally fill a wedding album with shots taken within the mansion’s confines. They can pose fiancés and newlyweds just about anywhere and get unforgettable images.

One of the best features of the DACOR Bacon House is its ability to host both indoor and outdoor events. Brides and grooms can hold a gorgeous marriage celebration inside the mansion’s luxurious and opulent interior. Each of the building’s four floors has historic and elegant rooms that make for glorious sites for a couple’s nuptials. If the weather is cooperative, future spouses can alternatively exchange their vows on the DACOR Bacon House’s back patio. That space offers a half-acre of gardens that are perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The high surrounding walls and tall trees give some separation from the bustle of the streets of Washington, DC. The white pergola in the corner gives the entire area a distinctly historical “outdoor garden party” feel.

All of this was already familiar to us before we did the engagement shoot featured in this image. DACOR, the organization that manages the wedding venue, is a private association for professionals in the field of foreign affairs. Before becoming a Washington, DC, wedding photographer, Pete was a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service. During his career, he attended several receptions at the DACOR Bacon House and always remembers those times in his life fondly. So taking a couple’s engagement pictures there brought back a lot of pleasant memories for him. That positivity and his knowledge of the venue helped both of us produce some truly memorable photographs.

The image displayed here was one of our favorites from the session. We took it while the fiancés posed on the stairs leading to the mansion’s back patio. As you can see in the photo, that part of the building is great for very intimate wedding and engagement photography. Creating a sense of privacy in portraiture is often as easy as introducing objects into the foreground of the frame. That makes it appear as though the photographer has stumbled on two people sharing a loving moment. The resulting images look natural, genuine and unforced. We always love using tree branches (as we did in this photo), because the green of the leaves brings lovely colors into play.

Location: DACOR Inc, 1801 F St NW, Washington, DC 20006.