Engagement Photographers in Washington DC
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Engagement Photographers in Washington DC

DC wedding photographers like us need to be ready to do whatever it takes to get memorable images. Within reason, of course! We would never do anything that would put our clients or ourselves in any danger. But no one has ever created great art without taking risks. A Washington, DC, wedding photographer needs to be willing to take chances. They have to climb up or duck down to get inventive angles. They need to shoot pictures through things to frame brides and grooms in creative ways. They need to point their cameras at mirrors to flip a DC wedding-day scene around. They need to be willing to get a little dirty in pursuit of epic wedding photography. We have literally stained our clothes, ripped our pants and had drinks spilled on us while chasing a great image. And we would suffer through all of those indignities again if need be.

We go through all of this with a smile on our face because we want to give our brides and grooms the very best. Being DC wedding photographers is our job, and we take it very seriously. Every time we pick up our cameras, we want to give fiancés and newlyweds pictures they will treasure forever.

A good Washington, DC, wedding photographer takes on these challenges without inconveniencing the couples they are photographing. We would never ask our brides and grooms to do anything that would cause them physical or emotional discomfort. That said, we do encourage DC-based future spouses to be open to trying new things. We advise them to be willing to do things that they would not normally do. Again, DC wedding photographers should never ask clients to do anything they do not want to do. But asking them to try things they have never tried before can lead to some beautiful wedding photography.

When couples are good sports, it opens up a world of creative possibilities for their couples portraits. This image is a great example of what can be achieved when spouses-to-be are willing to trust their wedding photographers. We took it at the Aegidienkirche in Hannover, Germany. The couple in the picture scheduled their engagement session for a February afternoon. As is often the case in Northern Germany in the winter, the weather was raw and blustery. The bride-to-be was wearing a beautiful, elegant, full-length gown. It looked fabulous in the engagement pictures, but it did not do much to keep the cold out. Even when she was bundled in a jacket between shots, it was clear that the future bride was not warm.

She was an absolute trooper, though. We asked her to trust us, and she waited patiently while we set up some of the compositions. The particular shot that we had in mind at the Aegidienkirche required a bit of setup time. We first positioned a flash on a stand behind where we wanted the fiancés to pose. We also placed a blue MagMod “gel” on top of the lighting apparatus to change its color. We wanted to silhouette the couple in blue light in the final image. With just that effect, however, the pictures would have been a little flat. So we also wanted to add some light in the foreground. For that, we used a small string of Christmas lights that we bring to every shoot. Once the we got the spouses-to-be in position (and the future bride took her jacket off), we brought this effect into play. We held the lights up near our lens and arranged them in a circle around the subjects. Because they were close to the camera, they ended up nice and blurry in the final image.

We know that the bride-to-be was pretty cold when this picture was taken. So was the future groom, for that matter! But we feel that their patience and fortitude were rewarded with an absolutely fantastic engagement photo. And that made all of it worth it in the end.