Engagement Photography in Hannover, Germany
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Engagement Photography in Hannover, Germany

Posing for portraits together is not always the easiest thing for couples to do. Whether they are doing it for the couples portrait on the day of their marriage, for their engagement photo shoot in the months prior to the wedding or for some pictures in commemoration of an important wedding anniversary down the road, even the most romantic of partners sometimes struggle to feel relaxed and natural when they are in front of the camera. And if they do not feel at ease in those moments, it shows in the resulting images. Two people who are in love should appear comfortable in each other’s arms and unaware that there is anyone else in the universe but their sweetheart.

This might sound like there is a lot of pressure on you, the person looking for a wedding and engagement photographer, to make yourself and your partner look and feel relaxed while being photographed. This could not be farther from the truth. It is instead the responsibility of the people pointing their cameras at you to help you feel comfortable, and the best wedding and engagement photographers are those who find ways to put you at ease, to help you focus entirely on the most important person in your world and to feel the natural comfort in each other’s arms that you only experience when completely alone.

Whether we are photographing weddings in Washington, DC, capturing elegant images during couples shoots in Philadelphia or producing beautiful pictures of couples in love in Germany, we always aim to give our clients images that show how the two of them are when they are together and the ways their affection for one another manifests itself when they are by themselves. As such, our mission is to document with our photos the love story our clients want to tell, not to impose our vision on them. Do still we help them with posing? Of course. We want the images to be flattering as well as natural, so we always work with our wedding and engagement couples to adjust their poses and ensure they look fantastic on film. But at the end of the day, we want to fade into the background, have them forget that we are there and let their true selves emerge.

Sometimes it can take a while for couples to reach that point, and that is ok. We’ve photographed many partners who were initially self-conscious but who grew more comfortable as the novelty of the experience wore off. Because of this, the photos that we take near the end of an engagement session often end up being the ones that the clients love the most. And as long as we can deliver images that make a couple in love happy, then we are happy.

Engagement session in Hannover, Germany

It never hurts, of course, when we get a fiancés like those featured in this photo. From the very beginning of this engagement session, they only had eyes for each other. It did not matter that it was a particularly cold winter day in Hannover, Germany. It did not matter that we were pointing cameras at them. Their world had only two people in it, and the resulting photos conveyed a depth of intimacy that we absolutely love.

Location: Kulturzentrum Faust, Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3, 30451 Hannover.