Ford's Theatre Engagement Photos
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Ford's Theatre Engagement Photos

Most people view Washington, DC as a great city for history. And as wedding photographers working in that city, we can certainly appreciate the sentiment! It’s home to our national government and is filled lots of beautiful monuments celebrating our past leaders and significant moments.

What many do not know, though, is that Washington is also a great place for the arts. Home to the Kennedy Center and dozens of other great theaters, art galleries and institutions devoted to promoting the arts, our nation’s capital has something for everyone who enjoys creative pursuits. As longtime residents of DC, we have visited many of these centers of the arts and have also photographed a lot of engaged couples in or near them.

Because it’s Washington, though, even most of our artsier locales have played a vital role in our country’s history. Ford’s Theatre, for example, is best known for being the place where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 4, 1865. Despite this inauspicious chapter in the theater’s early years, it remains a popular site for Washingtonians to catch a play.

Thanks to this mix of art and history, Ford’s Theatre turned out to be a perfect spot for this future bride and groom to take some engagement photos. The bride-to-be is a Washington native and a patron of the local art scene, so after taking some portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, we took them around the corner to Ford’s Theatre.

We got some fantastic images of the engaged couple outside the historic theater, but the best one of the day was actually captured across the street by the entrance to Petersen House. Though less famous than Ford’s Theatre, this neighboring building was where President Lincoln was taken after being shot and where he died the following morning.

On a happier note, the stairway up to Petersen House’s front door turned out to be a nice spot to get the more intimate feel that this lovely pair’s engagement photos needed.

Location: Ford's Theatre, 511 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20004.