Hannover Fall Engagement Session
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Hannover Fall Engagement Session

Engagement Session in Hannover

When couples who are engaged to be married book us to take engagement and wedding pictures for them, these future brides and grooms are often understandably nervous about how they are going to look on film. Whether in Washington, DC, or Hannover, Germany, spouses-to-be frequently worry about how their wedding and engagement photography is going to turn out. We understand completely, of course! The photos that we deliver to newlyweds after their engagement shoot and after their marriage celebrations are some of the most valuable that they will possess over the course of their lives, and every bride and groom wants them to look as magical as they felt on the day they exchanged their vows.

With that in mind, many of our wedding and engagement photography clients in Washington, DC, and Hannover, Germany, ask us what they can do to make their couples portraits look like they belong in the pages of a bridal magazine. We give some small pieces of advice, such as, “wear something that makes you look and feel your best” and “do not try out any new haircuts/hairstyles right before your photo session,” but we generally just tell our couples to show up, relax and let us do what we do best. Making you look great on film is our job, not yours. It is our responsibility to put you in a setting, in a pose and in a lighting scenario that both tells your love story and makes you look beautiful/handsome.

We will say, though, that the fiancés that have the easiest time in their engagement shoots or couples portrait sessions are the ones that feel most comfortable with one another. Future brides and grooms who know each other well, whose body language is complementary and who feel relaxed in one another’s company tend to require very little direction from their wedding and engagement photographers. They are so in sync mentally and emotionally that they slip quite easily into their own little world, forgetting that they are in front of a camera or that there are people photographing them. That makes the photos of them look so natural, unforced, spontaneous and beautiful.

As you might have guessed by now, this couple was one of those. They were a bit older than many of our wedding and engagement clients (this was the second marriage for the groom), and had already been together for many years before deciding to get engaged. They knew each other inside and out, and were completely comfortable in one another’s presence.

Even though they were both born and raised in Hannover, we chose venues for their engagement shoot that were not necessarily specific to their hometown. We wanted all of the focus to be on them and their love story, so we took them to locations that would not distract from the connection between the two of them. The photo shoot started in a field of beautiful yellow flowers, where we even used our DJI Mavic Pro drone to get some aerial images of the couple kissing between the blooms. Afterwards, we took pictures of them sitting on some logs we found in a clearing just off the main road. That is where we captured this particular image. What we especially love about the picture is the sense of ease that you can see between the future husband and wife. They are 100% comfortable with each other in a way that only two people who are really in love can be

Location: Altwarmbüchener See, Moorwaldweg 19, 30659 Hannover.