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As destination DC wedding photographers, we know what worries couples like you most about an engagement session. Writ large, you are concerned about what you are going to look like on camera. If you are like most people (us included!), you have not had your picture taken professionally very often. In particular, very few people have professional portraits done with their future spouse prior to their engagement session. That is perfectly normal, of course! But it does often cause anxiety about doing something you have not done before.

We understand this sentiment completely! We are destination DC wedding photographers, but we are also a married couple. So we have been on both sides of the camera. We know how weird it feels to be photographed. More importantly, we know what it is like to worry about what the pictures are going to look like. We know what it is like to fret about what to wear for an engagement session. We know firsthand the nervousness you feel at the beginning of a shoot. We know how much you worry that you are somehow screwing everything up.

With this in mind, we can be a valuable resource for our clients on both a professional and personal level. We are always happy to answer any question that you might have about your engagement session. If you want to know more about the photographic techniques we will use to make you look great, feel free to ask! If you want some reassurance that everything is going to work out, we will be there to listen to your concerns. As we said, we have been through it ourselves!

One of the most common questions that we get from folks like you is how much posing we will do during your engagement shoot. Some are concerned that our photojournalistic approach to photography means we will pose them too little. They are afraid that the entire responsibility for making them look great in the photos will fall on their shoulders. Others like documentary photography and worry that we will do too much posing. They feel that too much manipulation will mess with their natural chemistry and make the resulting images too cheesy. Both are legitimate concerns that we have heard frequently and take very seriously.

The answer that we give couples who ask us about posing is very simple. We will do it as little as possible during your engagement session. We believe very strongly that photojournalistic wedding photos are the best way for you to remember your marriage celebrations. They are the only kind of images that will allow you to re-experience the emotions you will feel on your wedding day. We also believe that those kinds of pictures look better, because they show you at your realest and most natural.

At the same time, we want you to look your very best in every one of the images. By its very nature, documentary wedding photography is unpredictable. It is about capturing the moment and its emotional content. Ideally, the subjects also look beautiful in those images. But the reality is that the photographer cannot entirely control that dimension of the photos. This is one reason why we will take pictures constantly during your marriage celebrations. We want to make sure that we are preserving the important moments on film, but also that we are getting shots in which you look good.

During your engagement shoot, we will strive to balance those competing desires. We will pose you just enough so that you look beautiful together. We will help adjust your body positioning to make sure that nothing important is being blocked. We will also smooth out any awkwardness in your body mechanics. If you are feeling nervous or unsure, we will pose a bit more at the beginning to help you get comfortable.

We will not overdo it, though. We do not want to interfere too much with your natural chemistry. One of the things that brings a couple together is the way they fit together physically. One of the ways in which you know you have found your soulmate is when holding them in your arms just feels right. So we will try as much as possible to let your posing be as natural as possible. You should look like you on film, like your real, authentic selves.

To achieve the documentary feel we want your engagement photos to have, we will also search for those moments when you relax a little. Once you get over the initial awkwardness of being photographed, the stiffness of any posing will start to wear off. You will start interacting with your future spouse like you normally do. The two of you will talk and laugh. Maybe you will even kiss! In short, you will start generating the kind of loving moments that you will want to remember. They will also be the kind that look beautiful on film. They will professional portraits of the two of you that are also natural and genuine.

The image featured here is exactly the sort of moment that we will be searching for. We posed this particular couple in a field outside Hannover, Germany, during their destination engagement session. We brought them to a stack of logs that we thought would make an interesting background. Because the pile was not very high and the couple was relatively tall, we started by asking them to sit down in front of the logs. This introduced a bit of posing into the shot. They had such a lovely chemistry, though, that we kept the directing to a minimum. We preferred to let them find their own positioning. We took some time to let them get used to sitting there and being photographed. Once they did, the couple started whispering to each other and laughing at their secret, shared jokes. We knew we were getting a glimpse at who they were as a couple and the way they expressed their love for one another. We captured dozens of images of them talking and laughing, including this one. All of them show just how much the two care for each other, which is our goal during every engagement shoot we do.

Location: Altwarmbüchen, Germany.

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