Noltemeyer Bridge Hannover Germany Engagement Photos
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Noltemeyer Bridge Hannover Germany Engagement Photos

There are a lot of things that we love about working as wedding and engagement photographers serving the Washington, DC, and Hannover, Germany, metropolitan areas. The biggest one is, without a doubt, the opportunity to help brides and grooms preserve the special memories from their wedding day for the lifetime they will spend together. We genuinely love making people happy, and a marriage celebration is one of the most joyous occasions in the life of the two people making an eternal commitment to each other.

Another thing about wedding and engagement photography that gets us excited to pick up our cameras and point them at a pair of fiancés or newlyweds is the outlet for creativity that it gives us. We believe that documenting a marriage event photographically is essentially a storytelling process. Our job (at least as we see it) is to create photographs that, when viewed in their entirety, give a sense not only of the course of the bride and groom’s wedding day, but also the history of their time together and what brought them to the altar to exchange their vows. Telling their story through photographs allows us to tap into our creative sides and to (hopefully) produce images that are as beautiful as the commitment the spouses-to-be are making to one another.

A perhaps less obvious element of being wedding and engagement photographers that appeals to us is the attention to detail it requires. The best wedding and engagement photographs always have one thing in common: every element in them is perfect. Nothing in the frame should not be there, and everything that is present is exactly where it is meant to be. We are perfectionists by nature; neither of us is ever quite satisfied with the images we create. We always see things we could have done differently or better. That can sometimes be frustrating for us, but it is a very good thing for the future brides and grooms who hire us! Our desire to make our pictures perfect means that we are constantly striving to get everything right, and that means that our brides and grooms are always getting our best effort.

This particular image is a great example of how much those little details in a photograph’s composition matter and what can be achieved by paying attention to them. We took this picture at the Noltemeyerbrücke subway stop in Hannover during an engagement shoot that we did for this lovely couple. We had them stand on the platform and look into one another’s eyes. Then we set up a flash in front of them to bring them out of the darkness and another behind them to help set them apart from the station behind them. What sets this image apart, though, is one of the little details that we mentioned above. Before taking the photo, we sprayed hairspray in the air behind the future bride and groom, and then illuminated it with the light from the flash. This gave the resulting image a moodier and more ethereal feel that looks great, in our professional opinion.

Location: Noltemeyer Bridge, Hannover, Germany.