Offbeat Engagement Session in Hannover, Germany
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Offbeat Engagement Session in Hannover, Germany

Couples who come to us looking for engagement photos hire us to tell the photographic version of their love story. They want the people who see the images we produce — be they family, friends or the future spouses themselves — to see why these fiancés love each other so much and why they are going to pledge to spend the rest of their lives together. They want their photographer to make their connection shine through in every picture, and that is exactly what we strive to do every time we pick up our cameras and photograph two people in love.

We also always like to choose venues that help in the telling of our wedding and engagement couples’ love stories. Sites with lots of natural beauty that will look great in photos (mountains, lakes, forests, great views of the sunrise or sunset, etc.) are always preferred, but when possible, we also keep an eye out for places and landmarks that give an indication of where the future brides and grooms live. So often, a particular city is an important part of the history between two lovers. It might be the place where they met, where they got to know one another, where they fell in love and where one proposed marriage to the other. If that is the case, then we want to find a way to make that city a part of their engagement photos.

When we are doing betrothal sessions in Washington, DC, including the various famous monuments, memorials and museums in the pictures we take of future spouses is always an easy choice. We have been working as wedding photographers in that metropolitan area for long enough now that we also know where all the lesser known “typically DC” spots can be found.

When we are taking engagement pictures in Hannover, Germany, we often take future brides and grooms to the Neues Rathaus, or New City Hall, one of Northern Germany’s most iconic buildings. Another spot that we particularly like is Lister Meile, where we captured this particular image of these two Hannover natives. One of the most famous shopping districts in the town of Hannover, Lister Meile is an approximately one-kilometer, pedestrian-only street that runs from the eponymous List neighborhood to the Hannover Hauptbahnhof (central train station). In the summer, many of the shops move their wares out into the street, giving the Lister Meile the feel of an outdoor farmers market. In the winter, the street hosts a traditional German Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) during the entire month of December.

We took a few photos of these spouses-to-be in various places around the Lister Meile and then brought the couple down into the Lister Meile subway station. As you can see in this image, the walls of the station are painted with brilliantly colored murals, making it something of a Hannover icon. We had the couple pose on one side of the tracks, while we went around to the other. After having set up artificial lighting behind them to achieve a silhouette effect, we asked the future bride and groom to stand so that we could see them through a hole in the concrete divider between the tracks. This particular partition not only had a beautiful mural painted on it, it also had a sign with the name of the station on it. The combined effect of all this made the resulting photo very “Hannover.”

Location: Lister Meile, Hannover, Germany.

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