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Though we serve wedding clients throughout the DC metro area, our business is headquartered across the Potomac River from Washington. Which technically makes us Arlington, VA, photographers. More importantly for you, it also makes us experts when it comes to great locations in that particular part of the Washington area. Because it is primarily a residential suburb, Arlington perhaps lacks a bit of the Nation’s Capital’s flash. But in our experience, it is filled with sites that will look fantastic in your engagement shoot or couples portraits.

Washington, DC, is clearly famous amongst photographers and tourists for its many monuments and museums. And not without reason. Even Arlington, VA, wedding photographers like us love using iconic Washington landmarks in our portraiture!

That Arlington is home to some equally fine tributes to American history and culture is perhaps not so widely known. For example, the United States Air Force Memorial is a beautiful monument to the sacrifices of America’s airmen and airwomen. The structure sits on a river bluff in that DC suburb. From that vantage point, it overlooks the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery and downtown DC.

The memorial’s visually pleasing design is beloved by any Arlington wedding photographer. It is one of the most unique and eye-catching structures in the Washington metro area. Three arcing metal spires curve upward from its center and are visible from miles around. They are meant to evoke memories of the legendary Air Force Thunderbirds performing their signature “bomb burst” maneuver. Those steel spires look great in both closeup shots of you and in wider-angle engagement and wedding photography.

The U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial (or Iwo Jima Memorial) is another iconic monument that resides in Arlington. Like the Air Force Memorial, it also doubles as a fabulous location for your photo shoot. It is situated on an even higher river bluff, giving the area an even better view of downtown Washington. The vista is better still from the Netherlands Carillon, a bell tower located next to the Iwo Jima Memorial. From that spot, the US Capitol Building, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial line up a neat row. Every Arlington, VA, wedding photographer knows that this configuration makes for some of the best sunrise photos in the area. In front of the Netherlands Carillon is a garden filled with tulips in the spring and chilies in the fall. The former in particular are great for adding a splash of bright color to photos of you and your future spouse.

Arlington’s charm as a location for engagement and wedding photography is not limited to its monuments and memorials. The DC suburb is also home to many parks, rivers, bike trails and other green spaces. If you and your beloved are looking for portraits amid the beauty of nature, Arlington is a lovely choice. There are literally dozens of great options within a few miles of downtown Washington.

This particular bride and groom, the founders of Discover Arlington, preferred to have that sort of a naturalistic feel in their engagement photos. Though their portrait session was in the dead of a DC winter, they still wanted some green in the images. To get that, we took the couple to Quincy Park, a nice space between Arlington’s Ballston and Virginia Square neighborhoods.

Quincy Park offers DC area couples like you lots of shaded nooks amid the tall trees that dot its surface. It is an ideal location for very intimate portraiture that focuses on your faces and highlights their connection. That is obviously the approach we took when capturing the image featured here.

We asked the groom to lean against one of Quincy Park’s numerous trees. We then had his bride-to-be nestle into him with her back to his front. Though she was tall, he was even a bit taller, meaning he could bring his arm over her shoulder. She then grasped his hand with hers, creating visually pleasing lines through the frame. We then asked him to lean his head towards her and nuzzle her with his nose.

To spice the picture up a bit, we decided to take it from a more creative angle. Fortunately, Quincy Park has two baseball/softball diamonds that are handily furnished with multi-tier bleachers. So we climbed up on the ones closest to where we had posed the couple. From there, we had a cool downward line of sight with regard to the fiancés. Not only did this make the resulting picture more interesting, it also helped take some distracting elements from the background. The outcome was a lovely, romantic and intimate photo!

Location: Quincy Park, 1021 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22201.

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