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Georgetown DC Waterfront Wedding

If you are getting married in the Washington, DC, metro area, it is natural that you want wedding pictures with a typically Washingtonian feel. The city might be where you were born and raised, or perhaps it has played a key role in the love story of you and your intended. Regardless, the Nation’s Capital will play host to your nuptials, and your wedding photography should reflect that. As DC wedding photographers, we recognize the importance of making Washington a part of your pictures and strive to give you images with elements of the city.

One of the best ways to do that is to take your wedding or engagement photographs near the Potomac River. Many American cities have grown up around major bodies of water. Even today, when water-based commerce is less important, those oceans, lakes and rivers often continue to shape the character of the metro areas that surround them. This is certainly the case with Washington, DC. The Potomac River is and has been as integral a part of the city. Its waters are as well-known as famous institutions such as the White House, the US Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument or any of the Smithsonian museums. Wedding and engagement photos with the Potomac featured prominently have as “Washington” a vibe as any taken near the National Mall.

One of the best places to get stunning pictures of fiancés and newlyweds with the Potomac River in the background is Georgetown Waterfront Park. The latter is a beautiful green space that has been carved out between the river and the hustle and bustle of Georgetown’s commercial district. The park has a lovely promenade along which you and your intended can cuddle and kiss with the Potomac and Theodore Roosevelt Island, another famous Washington landmark, in the background. Engagement photography and wedding couples portrait sessions there are particularly magical at sunset. The view of the sun going down behind the Francis Scott Key Bridge (which connects Washington, DC, with Virginia) is among the best in the city.

Not every DC marriage celebration, takes place at locations that are near the Potomac River (like Georgetown Waterfront Park), of course. So when we have future spouses who hold their nuptials on the waterfront (like this lovely bride and groom), we make every effort to include the Potomac in the images that we capture.

The wedding featured here gave us bountiful opportunities to give clients river-themed photographs. We took this lovely couple’s engagement pictures in Georgetown Waterfront Park and then came back a week later for their exchange of wedding vows. That took place aboard one of the many Potomac River cruises that local boat companies offer. That meant that their entire marriage celebration took place within view of Washington’s most famous body of water. It also offered lovely views of some of the city’s other famous landmarks. For example, we got beautiful images of them putting wedding rings on one another’s fingers with the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in the background.

This particular snapshot was one of our favorites from the marital event. Not only because the Potomac River is visible in the background, but also because of the body language of the newlyweds. Within moments of meeting this bride and groom, we noticed how much laughter was a part of their way in which they communicated their love for one another. During their entire engagement portrait session, they did not go more than a few minutes without breaking into laughter over some whispered word or another. So for the couples portraits portion of their wedding, we encouraged them to hold each other close and say whatever was in their hearts, knowing that we would get great photos of them smiling and laughing.

Location: Georgetown Park, 3303 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007.

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