Gorgeous Dreamy Richmond Virginia Wedding Portrait
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Gorgeous Dreamy Richmond Virginia Wedding Portrait

We love using reflections to add a dash of creativity to the wedding portraits we do. As you’ve perhaps seen on this website, some of our favorite photos use mirrored surfaces. By creating a mirror image of a couple, we can make their portraits more whimsical and fantastical. But not every reflection portrait is the same. Sometimes, a couple’s reflected doppelganger is crisp and lifelike. If the reflective surface is glassy enough, you might not even know that the photo isn’t just a normal representation of the couple. However, when we use a cloudier surface, the reflection is hazier and more impressionistic. And the resulting images can be quite striking. Like this gorgeous, dreamy wedding portrait we took of a bride and groom in Richmond Virginia. As you can see, the blurry reflection and pastel colors make it truly unforgettable.

How We Create Dreamy Reflection Wedding Portraits

In some of our wedding portraits that use reflections, it’s quite obvious how we created it. Sometimes you can see the mirror or water’s surface in the frame. Other times, you can probably infer it from the context. But in more fantasy-like images like this? We’re pretty sure you can’t guess what we used to make the reflection.

Give up? It was the screen of one of our cell phones! We held the device up near the lens of our camera, and it covered half the frame with a reflection of the couple. Because the surface isn’t really intended to reflect things, though, the image of the bride and groom is hazy and dreamlike. In addition, the reds and yellows of the curtains turn into cloudy blobs of blue and purple.

Of course, you might wonder why we’re telling you this. And we wouldn’t blame you if you were not that interested in the mechanics of how we create the portraits that we take of our couples! You just want us to give you beautiful, creative pictures, right?

We get it. The reason we’re explaining how we use our cell phones to create dreamy reflection wedding portraits is not to tell you how we do our jobs. It’s to show you that we can come up with innovative ideas for your pictures anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter what your venue looks like or what creative possibilities it offers. The weather can be good or bad. We will find a way to give you something unique, wonderful and one-of-a-kind.

Gorgeous Dreamy Wedding Portrait at the Dominion Energy Center

Fortunately for this bride and groom, though, their venue had everything we could have needed to create gorgeous portraits of them. The Dominion Energy Center in Richmond Virginia is one of the most spectacular locations we’ve ever photographed at. As you can see in this image, the Carpenter Theater inside is a charming space with a raised stage that is perfect for wedding ceremonies. In addition, it also doubles quite nicely as a dining area and dance floor during a reception.

One of the coolest things about the venue, though, is the marquee outside. So if you have your wedding at the Dominion Energy Center, you can literally have them put your name up in lights. This couple did, and we got some really cool night portraits of them posing underneath the neon signs announcing their nuptials.

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Location: Dominion Energy Center, 600 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219, United States.

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