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Herrenhausen Gardens Destination Wedding Photographer

It is natural to want fireworks to go off when you exchange vows with the person you love most in the world. We mean metaphorical fireworks, naturally! For a variety of reasons, most venues in the Washington, DC area do not allow you to set off fireworks during your wedding! No, as cool as real explosions of color and sound would be, you want to feel as though fireworks are bursting around you when you share your first kiss as a married couple. You want it to seem like the entire world is celebrating you tying the knot and that the air is crackling with excitement.

Wedding Fireworks Image by DC Wedding Photographer

Your DC destination wedding photographer will certainly love it if that happens! When that kind energy permeates a marriage celebration, the photos we take are absolutely magical. Those images usually have great emotional content and are extremely impactful. They are the kind you will treasure forever.

Though actual fireworks at a wedding are relatively rare, every once in a while a couple is lucky enough to have them literally explode above them as they tie the knot. As DC wedding photographers, we naturally love it when future spouses are able to incorporate these into their nuptials. This is not only because they are so visually striking and look great when captured on film. As was mentioned above, fireworks convey perfectly the celebratory atmosphere at a marriage. They can also put a great exclamation point on your wedding day. Everyone has come to celebrate your love and the commitment you two are making to one another. Fireworks exploding in the sky above you when you have just tied the knot is a perfect way to highlight the magical and special nature of what you have done.

The good thing is that from the point of view of your wedding photography, it does not even matter whether the fireworks were actually intended to celebrate your nuptials! In the case of this particular image, the newly married husband and wife posed for their couples portraits while watching a fireworks show during their wedding reception at Schlossküche Herrenhausen, a lovely restaurant and event venue attached to Hannover’s famous Herrenhäuser Gärten. The latter is a sprawling green space in the middle of the city of Hannover and one of the city’s principal attractions. It comprises four lovely urban parks that were created during the Kingdom of Hannover. The centerpiece of the complex is the Great Garden, a magnificent, 125-acre, ornately designed park filled with perfectly manicured lawns, privacy-affording hedges, peaceful walkways and beautiful statues laid out in a visually pleasing geometric pattern. We have had the pleasure of photographing several destination weddings and engagements there (and have even had a couples portrait session done there when we renewed our own wedding vows!). We always look forward to the next opportunity to take pictures of fiancés and newlyweds at Herrenhäuser Gärten.

International Fireworks Competition Hannover

The fireworks show featured in this particular photograph was part of an international fireworks competition hosted by Herrenhäuser Gärten in the summers. Every other Saturday during the warmest part of the year, a different country puts on a fireworks display high above the Great Garden accompanied by classical music. The Herrenhausen Gardens fireworks are great events for tourists and Hannover residents alike, and even better backdrops for epic wedding portraiture.

We knew that Italy was scheduled to put on a fireworks show on the particular Saturday when these newlyweds got married, so we already had a couples portrait session using the fireworks mapped out in our minds. When the toasts portion of their wedding reception ended and the wedding guests came outside onto Schlossküche Herrenhausen’s back patio to watch the show, we brought the new husband and wife over to a beautiful metal door that led from the patio to an interesting room tiled artistically with hundreds of little mirrors and ultimately to the Great Garden. We set up a light behind them to illuminate the door and silhouette them in the final image. Then, once the fireworks got nice and high in the sky, we took some unforgettable pictures of the newlyweds embracing.

Location: Restaurant Schlossküche Herrenhausen, Alte Herrenhäuser Str. 3, 30419 Hannover, Germany.

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