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Indian Wedding Reception by Baltimore Photographer

Do you and your future spouse want some really creative wedding photos for your marriage celebrations? Are you looking for Baltimore photographers who can deliver you images as unique as your love story? As you peruse the portfolios of potential photographers, are you drawn to images that look a little different?

If any of these describe what you and your future spouse want from a Baltimore wedding photographer, then that is no coincidence! Most couples want photos of their nuptials that stand out. They want images that tell their specific and individual love story. They want pictures that are unique to them and that could not have been taken at anyone else’s wedding.

We understand this sentiment completely! In fact, it is why we specialize in documentary wedding photography. In our opinions, that approach to photographing marriage celebrations gives couples like you the best chance of getting personal, unique images that tell the story of your love. After all, by capturing the moments that matter most on your wedding day, we are helping the world see and understand what it is that makes you special as a couple. We are highlighting what brought the two of you together. And we are revealing what will keep you by one another’s side for a lifetime. With this in mind, we would like to share something with you that will help guide you in your search. A little hint that will help you find the creative Baltimore wedding photographers you are looking for.

Creative Baltimore Wedding Photographers

There are a lot of different techniques that wedding photographers in Maryland can use to inject creativity into their images. Introducing artificial lighting in daring new ways, for example, to add new shadows or color to a scene. Or shooting through elements in the foreground of a frame to change the texture of a photo. Or adjusting their lens aperture to make the background blurrier. The only limit to the things a photographer can do to make your images unique is their own imagination.

One of the easiest ways to add creativity, though, is to photograph the moments on your wedding day from new and different angles. Images shot from far above and way below the action gives you a view of those scenes that you could never get otherwise. It gives you pictures that are daring and that stand out from the rest.

And as it turns out, creative angles are also among the easiest things to see when you are flipping through different portfolios. You do not need to be a professional photographer or an expert in advanced photography techniques to recognize creative angles. Your eyes, conditioned by evolution and years of experience, can tell immediately when they are viewing a scene from a unique perspective.

Elegant Wedding Venues in Maryland

This image is a particularly good example of the difference a creative angle can make. It shows a groom being hoisted in the air by his groomsmen as they celebrate his nuptials. We obviously shot it from far below the happy gentleman as his friends paraded him around.

We took the image at an Indian wedding reception at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor. That hotel has spaces for big receptions that rival any of those of other Baltimore wedding venues. The Francis Scott Key Ballroom is ornate, opulent and capable of accommodating a couple of thousand guests. It is also right next to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, making it a truly Baltimore wedding venue. Charm City’s famous Inner Harbor is also just steps away. That means newlyweds can pose for their couples portraits at one of Baltimore’s most distinctive locales after tying the knot.

Indian Wedding Reception Photos

Coming back to this photo of groomsmen carrying a groom, though, there are three ways in which the creative angle adds something special to the image:

  1. It communicates the dynamism present in the scene. As you can see, this was clearly not a static moment. The groomsmen had just picked the groom up off his feet, and they were about to start parading him around the dance floor. You can see the slight instability in how they are holding him, as though they have not quite gotten used to his weight. More specifically, there is the lingering possibility that groomsmen drop the groom. That tension adds dynamism to the scene and makes the photo more visually interesting. It would not be so evident, though, if we had not taken the picture from below. From eye level, you would not have the same sense that he is pretty high off the ground. The drama in the scene would be muted and less acute.
  2. It gives a more celebratory feel to the moment. The angle helps emphasize that the groom has been hoisted above the rest of the crowd. You see him towering over the women clapping in the background. That made him appear triumphant and the moment seem like a coronation. To really tell the story of that moment, it was critical that we communicate that part of it. Photographing him from eye level would not have done a good job of it. It would have brought him down in the frame and closer to the same level as the guest. Crouching down below him, though, brought him up in the frame. And that made the scene feel more celebratory.
  3. It gives context to the emotions in the scene. What really makes this photo special is the look on the groom’s face. It is the most compelling element in the composition. It is what captures and holds your attention. Why? In our opinion, it is the mix of elation and fear that you see in his facial expression. He is clearly excited that his friends are lifting him on their shoulders. That the groom is having fun is readily apparent. At the same time, he is just a little worried that they do not have a good grip on him. That slight tension we mentioned earlier is also written on his face. There is some fear that they might end up dropping him. If we had been standing when taking this picture, those emotions would not make much sense. The heights to which his groomsmen had hoisted him would not seem so dizzying. It would not be clear why there is concern in his eyes.
With all this in mind, we encourage you to take a fresh look at the portfolios of all the Baltimore wedding photographers you are considering. First, study the angles they shoot from. Then ask yourself whether they add something special to the photos. The more you do this, the better your feel for which photographers will be able to give you unique and special pictures of your wedding day will be.

Location: Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor, 401 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21201.

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