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Hamburg Wedding Photos

As you have probably learned by this point, planning your wedding day is not the easiest task in the world. Because we are destination DC wedding photographers, we have seen firsthand how hard it is! You, your intended and your families undoubtedly have lots of things you want to include in the celebrations. You will want plenty of time to get yourself ready — partly so you can do so at a leisurely pace and partly because you want to spend time with close family and friends. You need adequate time for your ceremony, naturally, particularly if your religious traditions require that certain rites be performed. And of course, you want lots of time to party and celebrate afterwards!

The problem is that time is finite. Any destination Washington DC wedding photographer can tell you that it is rare to have more than about 16 hours available for your marriage celebrations. Anything more than that, and your nuptials will go from something you enjoy to a slog to be endured. The last thing that you and your future spouse want is to be wishing the day would end during the last couple of hours of it. You could always push your festivities to a second day, but that make them considerably more costly.

So the chances are that you have to do your best to cram everything into one 12- to 16-hour window. And that means making some hard choices about what you include and how much time you allot to it. Unfortunately, it might just not be possible to do everything you want.

One part of a wedding day that frequently gets less time in a packed schedule is the portraiture. Your family formals and couples portraits are not usually dependent on a venue or house of worship, so you can usually be flexible with the time you devote to them. The latter is also time spent away from your family and wedding guests, so it is understandable if you want to minimize it.

If you can spare more time for your couples portraits, however, we would strongly recommend it. Yes, being DC destination wedding photographers makes us biased. But our experience documenting marriage celebrations has taught us that every extra minute spent on couples portraits is well worth it. We can create unforgettable images of you in just 15 minutes if we need to. But the more time we have with you in front of our cameras, the more opportunities we have to produce magical pictures for you.

Destination Wedding Germany -- Hamburg

The image featured here is a great example of what we can do with more time. The bride and groom who appear in it gave us a good two hours take pictures of them after their wedding ceremony. That time allowed us to really understand how they fit together physically and to stretch our creativity to its fullest.

Natives of Kiel, Germany, this bride and groom tied the knot in a lovely civil marriage ceremony on a rainy day in Hamburg, Germany. The bride-to-be had spent the morning getting ready at the Empire Riverside Hotel Hamburg in a luxurious room overlooking the famous Hamburg riverfront. Her future husband got cleaned up and dressed at the apartment they shared in North Hamburg. They then met one another for a touching first look outside the Altona Rathaus (City Hall). We have rarely seen a more genuine and heartfelt expression of joy and wonder than the one we saw on the groom’s face when he turned and saw his future wife in her wedding dress. Afterwards, they joined up with the rest of their families and wedding guests, and went inside the city hall for their marriage ceremony.

Following the conclusion of their simple but heartfelt exchange of marriage vows, we took the newlyweds and their guests down to the waterfront for a few couples portraits and a series of family formals photos. From there, the whole wedding drove to Witthüs, a restaurant that served as the venue for the couple’s wedding reception. That is where the day got really interesting.

Rustic Wedding Venues

Set in a charming little 300-year-old house that looks like it belongs in a Brothers Grimm story, Witthüs is a Hamburg institution that is a charming spot for any marriage celebration. It is a peaceful little oasis amid the hustle and bustle of Germany’s second-largest city, a cozy spot to which you and your future spouse can retire and privately celebrate your nuptials in the company of your closest family and friends.

It is also a great spot for getting post-ceremony portraits with a beautiful fairy tale feel! The biggest selling point of the venue, in our professional opinion as destination DC wedding photographers, is the sprawling nature park that surrounds the restaurant house. The property adjoins Hirschpark, a huge municipal deer park that offers acres and acres of lush forests, verdant lawns, exquisite pink and purple flowers, glassy-surfaced ponds and scenic views of the Elbe River. There are literally thousands of little nooks in which you and your intended can be posed. Every resulting image makes you feel like your love story is taking place in a dreamy world full of magic and romance.

Location: Witthüs, Elbchaussee 499A, 22587 Hamburg, Germany.

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