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Wedding Photography in Maryland

As professional DC wedding photographers, making sure you and your future spouse look stunning in your pictures is arguably the most important thing we do. We have a responsibility to you to find what makes you beautiful and handsome. We then need to pick settings that accentuate or highlight those things. Finally, we need to preserve that version of you on film forever. Making that happen is part of the art of wedding photography. The ability to do so consistently is what separates a great Washington DC wedding photographer from an average one.

Wedding Portraits

This is particularly true when it comes to couples portraits. That is why we spend considerable time selecting the perfect location for that part of your wedding day. We start by finding areas with good light. We want to make sure that the light is flattering to you and plays to your strengths. We want the light to falls on your faces in just the right way, so that no stray shadows create any unwanted distracting elements. Naturally, we also ensure that neither the sun nor the flat is blinding you by shining directly in your eyes!

The background is another element that is critical to making you and your beloved look your best. The right backdrop can help tell your love story very effectively. For example, it can illustrate where your wedding has taken place. But it should always play a supporting role and should never occupy center stage. It should add to the feelings conveyed in the resulting image but should never overpower them. It must also always draw the eye first to the most important thing in the frame: the two people who have just gotten married.

Finding the right background for epic couples portraits is not always as easy as you might think. It often requires a lot of creativity. Not every wedding venue or hotel where you might get ready is nestled at the foot of a stunning mountain range or set beneath a cascading waterfall. But the best DC wedding photographers can make you and your spouse-to-be look like you should be on the cover of a wedding magazine no matter where you get married.

That said, it does not hurt when brides and grooms select wedding venues in the Washington DC metro area that offer gorgeous backdrops for couples portraits! We took this breathtaking photo of a bride and groom who booked Woodlawn Manor in Sandy Spring, Maryland, for their post-ceremony reception. Though the venue unfortunately is no longer available for matrimonial events, it was a beautiful place to take pictures of two people who had just tied the knot.

Despite a light drizzle, we took the newlyweds for a little stroll around the grounds of the cultural park surrounding Woodlawn Manor. Everywhere we went, the gentle hills of the park’s working farm reminded us of something out of a fairy tale. The overcast sky softened the ambient light and made the greens of the grass and bushes appear richer and more vibrant. The rain draped everything with a haze that softened sharp edges and gave the entire scene a dreamlike atmosphere.

Everything about this setting made it perfect for posing these spouses there. The greens contrasted perfectly with the muted colors of their wedding dress and suit; the softness of the background and the hazy branches in the foreground kept the focus entirely on them; and the solitary horse in the distance added a bit of context to the story this photo tells.

Location: Woodlawn Manor, 16501 Norwood Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860.

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